Sunday, May 29, 2016

Featured Book: Waking Up Joy by Tina Ann Forkner

Behind every lost dream lies a second chance...

When adored town spinster Joy Talley ends up in a coma after a peculiar accident, she is surprised and incensed to hear what is being said in her hospital room, including plans for her funeral. When she finally wakes, her well-meaning, but bossy, brothers and sisters dismiss her claims, thinking her accident has knocked her off her rocker, but Joy has never felt better, and is determined to set the past right.

Now Joy must face her darkest secret and risk reopening wounds caused by an old flame who rejected her more than twenty years ago. But taking risks brings change, as well as a new, younger man into Joy's life, making her feel like a teenager again. Suddenly Joy's once humdrum life is anything but boring and routine and the future beckons, exhilarating and bright.

About the author:

Tina Ann Forkner is a Substitute Teacher and the award-winning author of WAKING UP JOY, RUBY AMONG US, and ROSE HOUSE. She was raised in Northeastern Oklahoma and has a Southern heart, but she lives in beautiful Wyoming with her husband, three teenagers, and two dogs.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Featured Book: Guardians III: The Journey Home by Brad Anderson

Have the vampires really stopped chasing the Mackies? Robert Mackie hopes so. After the events in Lajitas, the vampires were more than happy to let him and the children, Alyson and Jason, leave West Texas for their home in Pensacola. At least, that's what Robert believes. He has no idea that Brian, the vampire Jason doused with holy water in Lajitas, is more interested in payback than forgiveness. And Brian knows where the Mackies will go next.

Robert has other things on his mind. The men who tried to kill him several years ago while he was undercover for the DEA are waiting for him in San Antonio. Running away will only delay the inevitable showdown and leave the children in potential danger for years to come. Robert must turn the men's trap against them, and his plan seems simple enough-especially after having killed dozens of deadly vampires in the Guadalupe Mountains and another handful in Lajitas. Meanwhile Vargas, the oldest vampire of all, finds himself alone and without purpose.

Reluctantly, he takes on the task of trying to stop Brian before his actions bring unwanted awareness among the breeders that vampires are real. The action comes to a head in San Antonio, where every exhilarating moment is filled with fight, flight, and pursuit right through the final chapter.

About the author:

Brad Anderson lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, where the majority of Guardians III takes place. He spends most of his longer vacations hiking and camping in America's national parks, which have provided settings for several of his novels. Anderson is the author of Ribbon Falls, After the Falls, The Janus Project, Guardians, and Guardians II: A Farewell to Carlos Santiago.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Featured Book: Disappearing Honeymooner by Pamela Troutman

Leonard Townsend, the private detective, is happily planning a trip to Mexico on his newly purchased sailboat when a young woman named Ellie shows up.

She is a honeymooner and she explains that her new husband has just disappeared. She wants Len to find her husband for her. Len reluctantly agrees to help.

So Ellie tells Len about her brief romance, her hasty marriage and answers all his questions. The more Len hears, the more he wishes he had already left on his sailboat adventure because this case looks unpleasant.

But there was a whole lot more to come....

About the author:

Pamela Troutman, the author, is a chronological baby boomer who still finds time to sail, fish, bike, shop, write, garden, cruise and boogie board in defiance of the rocking chair she seeks to avoid. Len Townsend got tired of all the activity in her whirlygig mind and asked to be set free, so here he is, in this book. In the past she worked on newspapers, newsletters, and a monthly column for a British magazine. She graduaged from the Ohio State University School of Journalism. She now freelances in her home in Katy, Tx. and writes books about Len, one of her favorite people.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Featured Book: My Townie Heart by Diana Sperrazza

Laura DiStefano is torn between dreams of a new counter-cultural life and the undertow of a dysfunctional family.

Laura DiStefano has flunked out of the University of Massachusetts just as the counterculture reaches its peak in the 1970s.

Reluctantly, Laura returns to live back home with her parents and sister in the blue collar town she so hoped to escape. But she soon learns that her sister, a fierce survivor of a childhood attack who has rather foolishly gotten pregnant, needs Laura’s help when she unexpectedly falls for a local guy.

Even though the school offers to reinstate Laura’s scholarship, leaving home again suddenly gets harder. As the conflicts in her threaten to drag her under, Laura becomes agoraphobic. How can she reconcile her divided loyalties and find her genuine life?

About the author:

Emmy-award winning journalist Diana Sperrazza was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in West Springfield, Massachusetts. She was the eldest daughter in an alcoholic family. In and out of college for many years, she waitressed, cleaned houses and made various forays into the counterculture until she moved to New Mexico and discovered journalism.

She settled in Washington, D.C. where she spent nearly thirty years working in television news and production. She currently lives in New York City and work as a senior executive producer for the crime channel Investigation Discovery. She is also grateful member of St. Marks in the Bowery, an Episcopal church in the East Village.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Featured Book: Can't Fight Fate by Lisa N. Edwards

Can the words of a Psychic influence your thoughts? Your Choices? Your Destiny?

Nikki, an inspirited Aussie girl thought she had her life planned. GET A CAREER, FIND A MAN, START A FAMILY.

Life seemed simple, until... accompanying her friend to a psychic changed her life forever. The psychic describes her soul mate. Mr Hollywood, a man with crystal green eyes.

Flash forward 17 years, Nikki's career as a Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer is taking off, and the Green Eyed man is standing in front of her. The words of the psychic are imprinted on her mind... "Remember he's nice to look at, nice to see, but if you chase him, he will flee..." So if she cannot chase him, and she cannot tell him what she knows. Will she ignore the warnings to get what she wants?

With her best friend, Siobhan, who is effectively her audacious and sassier alter ego, they navigate their way through the supposedly predestined life! Nikki can try, but she Can't Fight Fate.

About the author:

Lisa N Edwards is one of those people that cannot sit still; she juggles her life with precision and finesse. Some say she is an overachiever, but to Lisa, life would be boring if she was not focused on her next goal or dream.

Her biggest achievement to date is being a Married working Mother to five beautiful children and maintaining her sanity (well most of the time, anyhow).

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Featured Book: Living a Life That Matters by David M. Weitzman

David Weitzman has written the only first-person account of the life and revolutionary times of Gilbert du Motier—better known as the Marquis de Lafayette.

Weitzman faithfully renders the color and spirit of revolutionary times in this historically accurate account of the events and relationships the young nobleman entered and formed on his path to become a well-respected fighting commander and right-hand man to General George Washington, who regarded this special French ally "Like my own son."

"Living a Life That Matters" is the product of careful scholarship and equally careful construction by the articulate and witty Weitzman. No one who professes feelings for the beginnings of this country will want to miss the opening scenes of the American experiment in this compelling page-turner of a novel.

About the author:

As a trial lawyer for 30 years David Weitzman specialized in the defense of individuals arrested for political reasons, or in violation of their civil liberties. He is now retired and wanted to tell the story of one of the world’s champions of liberty and his own personal hero, the Marquis de Lafayette. As an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, and Chairman of ACLU chapters in Northern Virginia and Berkeley, California, Mr. Weitzman was personally involved in trying notable civil liberties cases, representing the late Abbie Hoffman when he was arrested for wearing an American flag shirt, and representing the writer Norman Mailer when he was arrested for demonstrating against the war in Viet Nam at the Pentagon. For over 30 years Mr. Weitzman worked diligently trying to protect the Constitutional Rights of demonstrators, war protestors, garment workers, farm workers, and U.S. Marines.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Featured Book: Financial Services: Women at the Top by Arthea Reed and Diane Dixon

The financial services industry can be personally and financially rewarding, so why is it that so few women are in the field?

Arthea Reed and Diane Dixon draw upon the results of a Women in Insurance & Financial Services research study and their own extensive knowledge to explain the shortage as well as to inspire more women to enter or remain in the field.

Some of the most successful women in financial services have overcome great personal tragedy, professional ridicule, and failure to reach the pinnacle of success. By studying their moves, you can:
  • follow in the footsteps of successful female financial services professionals;
  • train up-and-coming female professionals so they have the knowledge and tools to succeed; and
  • promote a workplace that's inclusive, inspirational, and encouraging for everyone.
Walk down the path to a successful and rewarding career in financial services and help others do the same by learning from amazingly successful women. Whether you're already in the industry or considering it as a career, you'll get a roadmap to overcome challenges with Financial Services: Women at the Top.

About the authors:

Arthea Reed is a senior financial representative with Northwestern Mutual and senior partner of Long Term Care Insurance Connection. She was formerly a professor and chair of the Education Department at the University of North Carolina – Asheville (UNCA). She earned a doctorate at Florida State University and is a UNCA professor emeritus. She divides her time between Asheville, North Carolina, and Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Diane Dixon owns 3FCoaching (Faith | Focus | Follow Through), a national coaching business. She is a national past president of Women in Insurance & Financial Services and was its Woman of the Year in 2008. She is a graduate of Coach University, a member of International Coach Federation, a consultant of The One Page Business PlanTM, and a practitioner with Leading From Your StrengthsTM. She lives in Xenia, Ohio.

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