Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Featured Book: Just Vengeance by Anthony D'Augustine

In BEST ENEMIES, we met Mac Taylor, the rough and tumble ex-Newark cop who hunted down two old adversaries in the backwoods of New York State. This time the former Newark Detective has become a Private Investigator.

When his first client hires him to look into a reported suicide, he soon uncovers a sinister plot that involves murders in Scotland and Italy, and plans to destroy several U.S. landmarks. Shortly after his discovery, Mac and his pregnant wife, Cheryl, become targets of international terrorists; specifically, a psychopathic killer named Dirk Conroy, aka Ahmed Sal Mohammed. Working with FBI Agent Sara Dillon, Mac sets out to find Conroy. Dillon wants him captured alive. Mac wants him dead at all costs.

Along the way, Taylor's old friend from his Vietnam days, Nick Polsani, tries to convince him that seeking justice is the only course of action to be taken. Mac disagrees. It's not justice he's looking for, it's JUST VENGEANCE.

About the author:

Anthony D'Augustine is a former detective lieutenant and firearms training supervisor with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey. In addition to working with the county, Anthony served ten years as a Dumont, New Jersey police officer. He and his wife, Patricia, have three daughters and five grandchildren. Retired from law enforcement, he now donates much of his time running a charitable memorial fund in his son's name. The fund provides scholarships to local area students and support to military families in need. For details on the fund, go to

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Featured Book: Ask More, Tell Less by Greg Warburton MS, LPC

When faced with a misbehaving child, do you find yourself resorting to lecturing, reminding, or even yelling? Do you sometimes feel helpless and panicky after you have tried everything you know to do and your child still seems “out of control” or withdrawn? Do you feel frustrated when nothing you are doing is moving your children to be responsible and achieve their unique potential?

Ask More, Tell Less provides a new model of parenting that can help transform the growing-up years. Life will become fulfilling and enjoyable rather than an ongoing, painful collision of wills. Behavior troubles diminish or vanish when children discover that they have the power to make their lives run more smoothly. These methods are not a “cater to the children” approach. Instead, they take the pressure off parents and put the whole family on a positively different road, traveling together in a land of mutual dignity and respect, maturity, and lasting change.

Greg Warburton brings time-tested, practical methods out from behind the counselor’s door to enable you to give your children the greatest gift of all: self-reliance. Through artful questioning, you can give them a clear and compelling road map for getting on with growing up in this rapidly changing world.

About the author:

Greg Warburton is a licensed mental health counselor who helps children and parents become instruments of their own healing and change. He is a dedicated innovator who brings emotional and mental self-management methods into the worlds of parenting and sport performance.

As an award-winning college instructor, he helps people eliminate self-defeating behaviors and achieve the inner freedom that comes with becoming self-reliant. He lives in Corvallis, Oregon with Valoy, his wife of 31 years.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Featured Book: Monday's Edition by Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence weaves a fascinating tale of gambling, romance, adventure, history, football, and betting basics in Monday’s Edition—a football gambler’s odyssey through a season of trips to Las Vegas and Reno to try to beat the system.

Taking on this normally impossible task is Martin Adams, a 55-year-old computer technician and confirmed bachelor with an unbelievable secret advantage…

Armed with technological know-how and his top-secret advantage, Martin’s life is about to change in a big way—and not just financially.

About the author:

Paul Lawrence has been to Las Vegas more than thirty times. He has played all the casino games, bet in many sports books, and has come home a winner three times. Monday’s Edition is his first novel.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Featured Book: A Journey Through My Soul by Lena Sousa Day

A Journey Through My Soul is a collection of one passionate, thoughtful, lyrical young woman’s path from early adolescence to the present day.

Many of the poems reflect her teenage years, giving wonderful insight about the wonder and wisdom of emerging maturity, with experiences ranging from the ecstatic thrill of first love and crushes, the deep comfort and bonding of true friendship, and the heartbreak of learning to deal with betrayal and the end of relationships. You will be carried along on an expanding world view that includes the quiet despair of longing for loved ones stationed overseas, the joys and fears of motherhood, and the multifaceted discovery of true and lasting love.

These poems reflect experience that is both universal and unique, illuminated by a personal voice and sensitivity that allow the reader both a sense of community, and a glimpse into something beyond the everyday.

Moving, inspiring, and honest, A Journey Through My Soul is a perfect companion for every life path.

About the author:

Lena Sousa Day’s passion for poetry is an embodiment of her wide and varied experiences. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University, and is a lifelong resident of Santa Clara, California, where she lives with her husband, Michael.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Featured Book: The Bus Bench by Wes Bundy

Terribly naive and unworldly, unwed 17 year old Edna Rollins firmly believes that only married girls have babies. She is devastated, bringing a child into the world the product of being raped nine months earlier. She rejects him and takes her own life two days after his birth.

The infant is adopted by a childless couple who christen him Gerry and raise him in an idyllic setting in the farmland of central Ohio. Gerry's childish crush on a TV new woman becomes an overwhelming obsession as he matures. When the network moves her aside for a new face, he is overwhelmed with grief. Her celebrity quickly fades as promotional billboards, placards and posters throughout the city are scrapped except for a solitary and forgotten bus bench which bears her image. Fearful that the bench, which has become his shrine will be discovered, he maneuvers it to an obscure place enabling him to meet and communicate with the love of his life. Learning that she has married a wealthy industrialist and moved to California, he orchestrates a cross country journey to find her.

The improbable characters he encounters on his journey ridicule his efforts, serving only to plunge himself deeper into finding her. An unforgettable chain of events ends in a face to face meeting. He finds her terminally ill which he blames on her husband. He formulates a swift and brutal "payback", then kidnaps her taking her back home to Ohio and his beloved bus bench.

About the author:

Wes Bundy, father of two, is a U.S. Navy veteran who went to college on the GI Bill. As a lifetime member of the American Society of Composers and Publishers, he has written the lyrics to nearly 50 musical compositions. He has also written numerous children's stories and was named one of the top 10 out of 17,000 entries in the NASA/ JPL Microprobe essay contest. Wes has served as Master of Ceremonies for private and corporate functions numerous times and has written and produced several stage plays. The Bus Bench is his debut novel.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Featured Book: Diamondfire by Lee Underwood

Lee once told me that half of success was showing up. Here Lee shows up in his finest. Not a rented tuxedo but the clothes of a natural man in touch with his environment, his being extending from the earth underfoot, encompassing nature, and vaulting up into the sky and touching the stars. He has become a master of the long-line and the short, the major chord and the minor, the stripped bard and the duded-out for high times on the town. His poetry is the well-rounded extension of his personality, all aspects of his being taking turns coming to the fore and receding to make room for the next view of his mountain, sometimes shining snow-capped in the distance, sometimes a scramble up sheer rock. I hope you enjoy this selection of his poetry as much as I have. It is almost like meeting the man himself. – S. Preston Chase, poet, fine arts painter

With Diamondfire, poet Lee Underwood explores the psyche and the soul with passion and wit, merging exciting and often innovative language with human emotion that spans the spectrum of consciousness from darkland neurosis to shining white light. The former West Coast Editor of Down Beat magazine, the former lead guitarist with singer Tim Buckley, and the author of Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered, Underwood has a keen ear for music as well as for language. Diamondfire sums up a life brimming over with grace, wisdom, heart, and poetic intensity. – Dalton Rhodes, musician, poet, author

About the author:

Lead guitarist, toured and recorded for seven years with the late, great singer and songwriter Tim Buckley. Former West Coast Editor of down beat magazine. First poetry book was Timewinds. Pianist, with two CDs — Phantom Light, Gathering Light.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Featured Book: Art as Adornment by Charles L. Russell

Art as Adornment: The Life and Work of Arthur Smith is a splendid documentary writing about a prominent player in the Modernist Jewelry Movement.

The trade name, "ArtSmith" came to resonate with fashion and theater types in New York and all over the country during the three decades following World War II.

As a Black navigating the racial tensions of the period, Arthur Smith managed to rise above the fray and achieve extraordinary success in the development of designs for jewelry that were eminently wearable and for the wearer a decorative pizazz triumph.

With over 150 illustrations, this book will take you on an awe inspiring journey starting with his parents' migratory trek from Jamaica through Cuba and ultimately to New York City, Arthur's education in the arts, and concluding with a detailed description of his jewelry styling and creativity.

About the author:

The story was written by Charles L. Russell, a Caucasian businessman who late in Arthur Smith’s career, became fascinated with this Black man’s personality and creativity. The two lived together during the last eight years of Arthur’s life, and Charles became a member of the Smith’s “extended family.” When Arthur died, his archives and impedimenta all accrued to Charles. What was left behind contained a wealth of information and artifacts from which this saga was developed. Charles now lives in retirement in Lebanon, New Hampshire.