Thursday, December 11, 2008

Death of a Snob by M.C. Beaton

Hamish Macbeth is miserable. It's Christmas, and he is alone with a terrible head cold. So when the beautiful Jane Weatherby asks him to spend the holiday at her Scottish island retreat, Hamish is glad to accept. But something is very wrong at this colorful resort - something that will soon claim the life of one of the guests. Now it's up to Hamish to find out who did it.

Jane seemed very Angelina Jolie to me - beautiful, but not a friend to other women. She seems to have a lovely, but exceedingly uncomfortable wardrobe! I simply cannot imagine hiking in some of her getups!

Ah, poor Hamish. I'm sad things didn't work out with Harriet (who was cute for most of the book), but I think I knew it wouldn't. And how very, very silly of Harriet to not explain her situation. It's was too bad that Priscilla had to find the letter though. It seemed as if she were actually growing closer to Hamish.

It was, however, very cute that Priscilla spent Christmas with Hamish's family. I can only imagine how she must have stuck out like a sore thumb amongst them all!

I had no idea about the identity of the culprit. It was actually quite surprising really. I had no idea it was going that way, and it was quite creative.

I also didn't remember that this was a Christmas book. It was a nice surprise once I realized that it was.

Also, Jordy and his truck antics were just too funny!

All in all, it was quite enjoyable. Not quite as happy as one would like a Christmas book to be, but typical Hamish Macbeth series. :) This one gets seven stars.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆


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