Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Backyard Sugarin' by Rick Mann

This is a third, updated edition of a little book that swept maple sugarin' buffs off their feet when it first appeared. Like the previous editions, this one tells you how you can make maple syrup right in your own backyard without having to build a sap house or buy buckets, holding tanks, evaporators and the other expensive paraphernalia of time-honored sugarin'. This edition tells you even better, though, because it's got more detailed "how-to" information in it, and it makes some new and noteworthy revelations - including tips sugarers across the country have shared with me since the first book was published. If you have a hankering to try your hand at sugarin', or if you know of someone who does, you really ought to buy this book, right now. It's bound to save you (or your friend) far more money than its modest cost.

This was a great little book, packed with all kinds of great, useful information for the individual who wants to try out making maple syrup at home. It actually gives you all sorts of details on what you need to tap the trees; how many spouts, etc. you need to get the volume of sap needed to make the anticipated volume of syrup; along with details on various evaporator options you can manufacture yourself and their pros and cons.

For a 95 page book it certainly packs an informational wallop! For the sheer readability and ease of use this one gets eight stars.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


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