Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Death of a Dentist by M.C. Beaton

If you haven't already fallen in love with the internationally-acclaimed M.C. Beaton, then this audiobook filled with her trademark wry wit and a wonderfully puzzling the plot will do the trick. When Hamish Macbeth - Lochdubh's one-man police force - awakens one morning with a killer toothache, the only dentist who will see him immediately is Dr. Gilchrist.

The dentist is infamous for some unsavory womanizing and his use of "The Great Australian Trench," a practiced slip of the drill that mars several teeth and ensures a return customer. Unfortunately for Hamish, and Gilchrist, someone has canceled all the doctor's appointments - permanently.

A toothache can drive a man mad, and Hamish, with a mouth full of throbbing pain, decides to go after the killer alone. Narrator Davina Porter captures Beaton's smooth blend of motive, means, fast-paced action, and delightfully quirky characters while transporting listeners to the Scottish Highland.

This was the unabridged audiobook on cassette edition (5 cassettes/6.5 hours).

Ah, to settle in with a visit to Hamish Macbeth and friends in Lochdubh is lovely. It's so relaxing, like visiting with old friends. You really feel like you truly know the characters.

Priscilla is unbelievable. Really, she must make up her mind and either let Hamish go completely or resolve to pick up with him again in a real relationship. This constant jealousy is quite annoying and very childish.

This was one tangled web of weird events! I didn't realize the murderer until just about the time Hamish did. Kylie was an annoying little brat that needed a good smack. What a greedy little wench! It was also quite predictable, yet sad, about Hamish and Sarah. She was such a lovely character. So very different, yet so similar, to Priscilla. I do wish she'd stuck around for at least another book, but that would just be improbable for her character.

This one gets seven stars. A nice, solid, homey Hamish Macbeth mystery filled with great characters and bizarre circumstances.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆


Kaye said...

Right now I am reading Death of a Witch, Beaton's latest. Great reading! I like Agatha Raisin too. A little brain candy is fun every once in a while. Terrific review.

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