Saturday, February 21, 2009

Martin Misunderstood by Karin Slaughter

Martin Reed is thoroughly average in every way. So how has he wound up with such a pathetic existence? Martin has no friends, no lovers, and no respect. Working as a senior accountant at Southern Toilet Supply and still living with his nagging mother, his sole source of excitement is the crime novels he cherishes. So immersed is Martin in these escapes that he fails to notice the crimes going on all around him. When first one, then another, of his co-workers is brutally murdered, Martin is shocked to become the fetching female investigator's prime suspect. Center stage at last, Martin basks not in the glow of the spotlight, but in the harsh glare of interrogation...

This was the unabridged audiobook on CD edition (2 discs/2.5 hours).

First off, Wayne Knight (best known for portraying Newman on Seinfeld) was freaking amazing as the narrator! They could not have picked a better voice for Martin! And that this was his first audiobook was amazing. He was really that good as Martin.

It was actually good that this was a short book. It would have been intolerable if it were 6 hours long, but at 2.5 hours it was just perfect. It was like stepping into Willy Wonka's bizarre version of Law & Order! Everything was all slightly silly and totally unbelievable. There were a handful of laugh out loud moments and the rest was just silly fluff. Good silly fluff, but still silly fluff. The fact that Martin worked at a toilet supply manufacturer and was forced to work in an Office Space storage room/office with the company bathroom just typifies the entire book! In a good way.

This one gets seven stars. The whole plot was just crazy and completely out of control, but there wasn't time enough to be annoyed by it - it just remained light and fluffy and amusing. Well, except for the unusually distasteful murder methods. Even with the amazing job done by the narrator I still couldn't bump it up to eight stars because of the tackiness of parts.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆


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