Saturday, April 11, 2009

Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden by M.C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin, her hair falling out after a problem during a previous investigation, travels to an old-fashioned hotel in order to repair the damage away from the neighbors in her all-too-cozy Cotswold village. Unhappy about the slow recovery and prompted by the elderly residents of the resort, she consults the local witch for help. Agatha purchases a hair tonic (and a love potion, just in case!) and is soon sprouting hair and capturing the fancy of the village police inspector. But the quiet town is stunned by the murder of the witch. Which one of the graying guests is capable of such a brutal crime? The brassy yet endearing Agatha won't stop until she finds the culprit - and, of course, a little love, too.

This was the unabridged audiobook on cassette edition (4 cassettes/5.5 hours).

This was an interesting change in that it didn't feature many of the usual characters. I did quite enjoy the vicar's wife's selective disclosures about James. She is quite the character, and certainly someone you'd want on your side!

I do so love Charles and his antics! He's always such a fun addition to the stories. And the competition of sorts he has going on with James is just too funny! James, on the other hand, is becoming marginally more likable, although he's still the poster child for Katy Perry's Hot 'n Cold. Well, perhaps he's a lukewarm bathwater type. He's more of a huffy girl than Agatha!

The characters at the hotel were straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. They were all decidedly eccentric, perhaps not in as likable a way as Christie's characters though.

Jimmy was just marginal. HE was an interesting diversion, but I'm glad he was a one book only appearance.

And poor Agatha's mishaps! I love that she's becoming quite the softy about cats with Scrabble. And her hair! I'd probably hide at a hotel too if funds were no issue! How horrible!

This one gets seven stars. It was amusing and different. I do look forward to Agatha's return home though. Donada Peters did her usual stunning reading job.

Rating: ★★★★★★


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