Thursday, April 30, 2009

Size 2 for Life by Ashley Marriott and Marc L. Paulsen, M.D.

The amazingly simple new diet and fitness program that can make and keep almost any woman a frame-adjusted size 2.

What do we mean by "frame-adjusted"? Try this! With your right hand, wrap your thumb and middle finger around your left wrist joint.

If your middle finger and thumb overlap, you can be a healthy size 2.
If your middle finger and thumb touch, you can be a healthy size 4.
If your middle finger and thumb do not meet, you can be a healthy size 6.

Sizes 4 and 6, as calculated above, are what we refer to as frame-adjusted size 2's. Your weight will be in the healthy range for women of your frame size but you'll look just as awesome as any (other) size 2!

Be a Size 2 for Life and enjoy:

  • Better shape & physical stamina
  • A higher metabolic rate to make your body efficient and clean
  • Lower risk for a multitude of diseases associated with being overweight or obese
  • Feel healthy, proud, confident and sexy!
  • Finally fit into those skinny jeans

The first thing that struck me was that there were numerous, obvious typos. They were so prevalent that it made me question if the book had even been proofread before it was published! And it very unprofessional looking formatting, making it look self-published. I mean, self-published is fine if it's done well. This just looked sloppy.

Anyway, this was a very hardcore plan with incredibly strict eating rules (mainly very lean protein/no bread, etc.), and LOTS of exercise (at least 1 hour a day, but more is recommended). You'd have to be very committed to stick to it as a lifestyle.

The plan says that depending on your wrist size you can be a "frame-adjusted" size 2. According to my wrist measurements and height (over 5'5" - hello!), that would make me a "frame-adjusted" size 4. They also say that you need to lose about 10 pounds per dress size, and taking into consideration my height and current (perfectly healthy) weight, that would be totally insane! Sure, I could stand to lose some jiggle and tighten up, but I think their program is too strict and would bring me down to a weight completely unreasonable weight for my height. We're talking Olsen twins here. It seems that their idea of a "healthy" weight doesn't quite agree with my own. Perhaps the size 4 part wouldn't be totally unreasonable, but I'd have to have to be about zero percent body fat to accomplish that bit. Who knows.

I am thankful for the book mentioning what the rest of the nation seems to be in denial of - that sizes have changed over the years! "... we are, in large part, a nation in denial of our true sizes. Think about the icon Marilyn Monroe, often referred to as a curvy size 12, but her actual measurements 35-22-35 are much closer to today's size 2." Thank you! If I have to hear one more person campaigning for fat acceptance say "But Marilyn Monroe was a size 12!" I'll scream! That was a size 12 THEN, not a size 12 NOW! Seriously people, come on! And to make her some sort of icon for plus sizes is just insulting to her, and to us.

I also appreciate that they refer to the supposedly "healthy" celebrity diets by saying "Subsisting on a diet of caffeine, nicotine, and an occasional calorie does not provide enough energy for basic bodily functions - let alone exercise." Of course not!

This one gets six stars. While it is way too hardcore for me - the twice a day (morning and evening) weigh in seems like overkill to me - it did have some good information at times. Although, I can't see their recommendation to chew food 30 to 50 times per bite. Really? What's left after 10 chews? Bizarre. And what's up with the "2" in the title being underlined all the time? So not necessary.

Rating: ★★★★★★


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