Monday, May 25, 2009

The Blue Pen by Lisa Rusczyk

Parker didn’t expect to find his next great magazine story sleeping off a hangover in the back seat of his car. The homeless woman, Cleo, says she never wakes after dawn, which makes Parker curious. His intuition for finding a unique story is buzzing after meeting Cleo, and he decides to interview her to find out what drove her to live on the streets. Cleo explains how the early death of her first love set the path for her life. She withdraws from the world after he dies, only to re-enter it by going to a strange club called the Beacon. At the underground club, the patrons channel spirits on the improv stage and share psychic readings in the room behind the beaded curtain. While Cleo describes her spiritual awakening, Parker wonders if she actually fell prey to mental illness. Because of a first article Parker wrote about Cleo, another reporter is after the story, blackmailing Parker to give it up. Parker must decide how to keep his story and not let Cleo down in the process.

E-book received from the author for review.

The book was just the right length and really did draw you into the mysteries of the characters. The story was so strange at times that it was almost hypnotizing or trance inducing.

I must say that I didn't really like the characters as people. Parker seemed to be the quintessential ass reporter slime, and I really don't know why he was such a cat hater. I did like Cleo a bit better. She was interesting, but not particularly likable. I just didn't understand the motivations behind her selfish, alcoholic behavior. She just struck me as a "poor little rich girl" whining about "problems" that other people yearn to have.

This one gets six stars. I found in interesting and completely different from anything else I've ever read. The characters, while not likable in the traditional sense, did draw you into their worlds. The book perfectly illustrated a bizarre underground world at The Beacon and introduced the reader to a whole new world. The e-book format was also very easy to read and it was quite enjoyable to be able to read it on my iPod.

Rating: ★★★★★


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