Friday, June 12, 2009

Review: I Like To Whine!: Dealing With Whining Children

As a former teacher, guidance counselor and current parent and grandparent, I am distinctly cognizant that as far as kids go, there are no experts. Expertise is based on experience and learning. We may learn out of the same books but each and every one of us have different experiences with our own families. Kids whine, good kids and kids that aren't so good, they all whine. Many times their intent isn't to whine and sometimes that is exactly what they intend. Whining isn't indicative of a "bad" kid. It is normal. Normal doesn't make it any easier to listen to, day in and day out. If this book, aimed at preschoolers, can even slow down some of the whining, it will be a monumental contribution to parental mental health. Hopefully it will make your child smile and perhaps you too, can smile seeing the normalcy of their behavior. If nothing else, this book may help you to appreciate how good your own child really is.

This was a cute little book. I liked the wise old owl, who reminded me of X the Owl from Mr. Rogers.

I don't actually have children, and my cats wouldn't listen to the advice if I did read it to them, so I can't really give this an accurate star rating, but it was cute and probably would be helpful to parents and grandparents of children who whine.


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