Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Book Arrival: Pistonhead by Thomas A. Hauck

The author, Thomas A. Hauck, generously sent me a copy of Pistonhead to review.

Charlie Sinclair plays guitar in a rock band and works on an assembly line.

His best friend is a drug addict. The girl he wants is unattainable. His apartment is filled with mice. People in the audience throw bottles at him. His mother has a creepy new boyfriend. The kids from his old neighborhood hate him. The band's manager is clueless.

This is the story of one week in Charlie Sinclair's life. One week that changed him forever.

Charlie finds success. But in a way he does not expect. He never gives up. He's a Pistonhead.


Lit and Life said...

I'll look forward to hearing what you think about this one. My 14-yr-old daughter is really into the music industry and I'm wondering if it'd be suitable for her.

Park Avenue Princess said...

This one sounds interesting and different. I'll have to check it out Beth! Thank you!

xoxo Amy

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