Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pre-Review: New Bookcase

Since I am now getting review books in almost daily I need to segregate them to a new location so they don't get commingle with my "regular" books and get lost. So, alas, I need a new bookcase. Just as I was considering the affordable bookcase purveyor options I was offered a great opportunity from CSN Office Furniture and Office Chairs to select a bookcase from their site to review!

As I don't have the room, or the sheer number of books required, to replicate Belle's (actually the Beast's) library from Beauty and the Beast I decided to go with something a bit more reasonable. After much hemming and hawing and use of the evil measuring tape I decided upon the Ameriwood 3 Shelf Bookcase in White. It will coordinate perfectly with my other white Ikea-type furniture and be the perfect new home for all my review books.

Since I am now the master of assembling Ikea-type furniture I fully expect this to be a cinch to put together and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I'm sure my UPS guy will be thrilled as well to deliver it! :)


Mardel said...

I went a little crazy this morning and RE-ARRANGED by TBR bookcase (cause it's a whole bookcase) in alphabetical by author order. How anal is that? Then, I put the books that I have read into two other bookshelves, sci=fi/fantasy in one, and other in the other. Except it did'nt work out that way. There is fantasy and sci-fi in both. Turns out that's what I have the most of.

Have fun with your new shelf.

Beth said...

Mardel - Interesting to do the TBR by author! I have mine categorized (sort of) into reviews, stuff I have to read on and pass on to a friend, and library. I'm convinced they multiply like bunnies when I'm not watching!

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