Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guest Post: Tony Deblauwe author of Tangling With Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power At Work

Today Tony Deblauwe, author of Tangling With Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power At Work, stopped by to share some information about mentors.

Why Mentors Are Important

Even though I had over a decade of experience coaching people on bad boss issues, I worked with several mentors to make sure I communicated the right message. I wanted to an eclectic group of experts to balance my experience, thoughts and opinions on the subject of conflict resolution and negotiation. I asked several people who had the time and willingness to do a critical review of my writing. In the end, my mentors were made up of internal corporate managers, human resources experts, and external consultants. I knew the group I had chosen would be honest evaluators and tell me instantly if I was getting off track. I had about five core mentors in all and each played a different part in my process. Some reviewed the flow of the chapters, others the exercises, and others the vast book market to compare what I was doing against other works. After completing a chapter, I printed it out and sent the manuscript to get comments from each person. None of the mentors knew each other nor did they see each other’s comments. Getting the feedback wasn’t always easy. When you spend time writing in between a full-time job, the last thing you want is someone grilling you on style and content. The criticism was worth it because it shaped the book’s focus and my writing. In the end, by arranging the interaction with my mentors the way I did I was able to set the right goals and dig deep into what I really wanted to accomplish with the book.

About the book:

Do you dread going to work because of your boss? Quitting is not always an option and feeling like a victim of a bad boss only robs you of productivity, job satisfaction, and power. Career strategist and workplace expert Tony Deblauwe has spent years coaching weary employees how to be more effective with difficult bosses, and he has compiled his experiences into this indispensable guide. Tangling with Tyrants®: Managing the Balance of Power at Work offers practical techniques that show you how to build a communication process that will turn things around to help you build successful outcomes. You’ll get guidance on addressing direct and indirect bad boss behaviors, developing the right approach, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. By applying the techniques in this book, you will be equipped with the right tools to handle your boss and create the results you want.

Thank you so much to Tony for joining us today! If you'd like to pick up a copy of his book Tangling With Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power At Work click on the cover image below.


Tony, Workplace Coach said...

I am very excited to share my experience dealing with bad bosses with this audience.

A note about mentors I want to add. They also helped me with my emotions around memories of conflict at work. It was easier to talk about it and understand how I evolved. The right mentor does that - gives you just enough of a shoulder to cry on if needed, but focuses on making you better.

-Tony Deblauwe

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