Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: New Bookcase from CSN Office Furniture

A few weeks ago I was offered a great opportunity from CSN Office Furniture and Office Chairs to select a bookcase from their site to review! My bookcase arrived safely about a week ago, and I successfully assembled it in less than 30 minutes with "help" from my furry babies.

This is the bookcase as it looked when it arrived via UPS. It was extremely well packaged.

This the box post unwrapping from the cellophane and additional white edge protectors.

Everything fit snugly in the box and all the materials arrived in perfect condition. Here are all the pieces laid out ready for assembly. All the pieces were clearly labelled.

This is the bookcase post-construction before I stood it up.

And here's the final form of the bookcase filled with books for my friend abroad (they just happened to be nearby when I was looking for books to fill up the shelves so I could take a picture).

The bookcase is made of a very sturdy MDF (medium density fiberboard, for those who aren't HGTV/Home Depot fiends) and was very easy to put together with an electric screwdriver. I did experience a false start since the instructions are mostly pictures and I had the first side piece upside down but this was easily corrected. The color and size are just perfect for me. It's about 9 inches deep which means nothing can get lost behind something else.

The only things I did not particularly care for were the little white plastic tabs that cover the screw holes on the sides of the bookcase. They were difficult to install and don't look particularly fabulous. I also noticed that two of the white pieces of MDF were slightly different than the others. They must have been from a different batch and were slightly shinier than the other pieces but not enough for the casual observer to notice.

This gets a solid seven stars. The ordering process and delivery were smooth. Assembly was a cinch, using an electric screwdriver. Maintenance is virtually zero as the white coating ensures a surface that can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The unit is very sturdy and looks very streamlined.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆

Thank you so much to CSN Office Furniture
for sending me this bookcase to review!


Just Mom said...

Fun post to read and what a great thing to recieve from a vendor!

sharon54220 said...

WOW!! I'm jealous. LOL!! What a neat thing to review. You can never have enough bookshelves. I've looked at their site, and they have a nice variety.

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