Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: A Spoonful of Poison by M.C. Beaton (Agatha Raisin #19)


Agatha Raisin’s detective agency has become so successful that now all she wants is some R&R. But as soon as she cuts back her hours, Agatha remembers that when she has too much quality time, she doesn’t know what to do with it. So it doesn’t take much for the vicar of a nearby village to persuade her to help publicize the church fĂȘte—especially when the fair’s organizer, George Selby, happens to be a gorgeous widower. Problem is: Several of the offerings in the jam-tasting booth turn out to be poisoned…and the festive family event soon becomes a murder scene. Now Agatha must uncover the truth behind the jam tampering and expose the nasty secrets lurking in the seemingly innocent village—all while falling for handsome George, who may just have some secrets of his own.

It was nice to revisit Agatha and friends. I quite enjoyed that everyone was involved - Mrs. Bloxby, Charles, Bill, and Roy. It was a bit disappointing to discover what an ungrateful bitch Toni turned out to be though, as she was really growing on me.

This one gets seven stars. It was a nice, solid, fast read with a culprit that I really quite enjoyed discovering was responsible. I'm certainly looking forward to the next Raisin being released!

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆


Ryan G said...

With all the mysteries I read you would think I would have picked one of these up by now. I may have to go and check the first one out and see how I like it. Thanks for the review.

Beth said...

Ryan - I think you'd like them. They're really quite funny. Very British. You must, as you said, start from the beginning. Really, is there any other way? :)

Lit and Life said...

Ah, the other M.C. Beaton I've been steered to read. Sounds like I haven't been steered wrong!

Ryan G said...

Thanks Beth for the recomendation. Next time I'm in the store I'll be sure to check and see if they have the first one. I just have to make sure I find out which one is the first one. :-)

Beth said...

Lit and Life - I think you might enjoy it more than the Hamish Macbeth books as an introduction to the author. They're a bit lighter.

Ryan - The Quiche of Death is the first one. Guess I should have mentioned that! :) Sorry!

Ryan G said...

Thanks Beth!

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