Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interview: Bill Walker author of A Note From An Old Acquaintance

Today Bill Walker, author of A Note From An Old Acquaintance, is joining us for a great interview.

Beth: Hi! Welcome to Beth's Book Review Blog! It's great to have you here today! Thank you for taking the time to join us and answer some questions.

Congratulations on your book, A Note From An Old Acquaintance, being published! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Bill: I would consider this book to be more of a love story, rather than a category romance, in that I wasn't saddled with trying to write within a publishing house's mandated formula. I just wanted to tell a tender story as honestly as possible. The story concerns two people, Brian and Joanna, who are really meant to be together, but life's travails separate them during the most passionate moment of their lives. Each of them is haunted by memories of the other until, years later, Joanna sends Brian an e-mail, an act that sets the entire story into motion.

Beth: What is the significance of the title?

Bill: The title of the book is the subject line of the e-mail Joanna sends to Brian after fifteen years. It's actually intended to be a bit of gentle irony.

Beth: What is the main message you want readers to take away from the book?

Bill: True love never dies.

Beth: If your book was made into a movie, who would you most like to have play your main characters, Brian and Joanna?

Bill: That's a tough one, especially as I'm an old film school graduate. I used to love casting a favorite book in my mind. The irony here is that I don't have anyone in mind for these two roles. And that's probably because I don't want to use any well-known actors with cinematic baggage, so to speak. If I were producing the film I would want to cast to up-and-coming actors, actors who embodied the roles, rather than familiar faces. It's riskier from a box-office standpoint, but sometimes from a producer's standpoint, you can take a very promising actor and elicit a star-making performance. Quite a few of today's stars were made in just that way, and I would rather have Brian and Joanna emerge in that fashion. On the other hand, if a major studio wanted to buy the rights to my novel, I would certainly entertain their offer ;-)

Beth: Do you have any special writing routines? Do you always write in the same place at the same time of day?

Bill: When I'm working on a book, my ironclad rule is three pages per day. If I do more than that--great--but that doesn't let me off the hook for the next day. As for where I write, it doesn't matter. I'll take my laptop wherever I need to go, and I have the ability to tune out the world and enter the world I'm creating.

Beth: I'm always curious about what other people are reading. What are you reading now?

Bill: As of this writing, I am two-thirds of the way through Bryan Burrough's Public Enemies, the book on which the recent Johnny Depp film is based. I've always been fascinated by John Dillinger. In fact, I've got one degree of separation from him. The woman who edited this book actually accompanied her newspaper reporter father to a meeting with John Dillinger not long before he was killed at the Biograph Theatre in 1934.

Beth: And finally, do you have a favorite book of all time?

Bill: That would be Jack Finney's Time and Again, the original time travel romance.

About Bill:

Bill Walker is a graphic designer specializing in book and dust jacket design, and has worked on projects by Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Between his design work and his writing, he spends his spare time reading voraciously and playing very loud guitar, much to the chagrin of his lovely wife and two sons. Bill makes his home in Los Angeles.

Thank you so much to Bill for joining us today! If you'd like to pick up a copy of his book A Note From An Old Acquaintance, click the cover image below. Or click here to get a copy at Barnes & Noble.


Bill Walker said...

Dear Beth:

Thank you for hosting me. It's very much appreciated.

Bill Walker

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Sounds like a great book.

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Awesome interview, guys! I've got this up at Win a Book for you, Beth.

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Just want to say I love this book cover and will certainly check out Bill's book, thanks!

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Love this interview...a love story sounds perfect!

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