Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Book Arrival: The Sum of His Syndromes by K.B. Dixon

The publisher, Academy Chicago Publishers, generously sent me a copy of The Sum of His Syndromes for review.

"The Sum of His Syndromes" is a wry, odd, idiosyncratic book. A collage of notes written in a sixth-floor men's room, it is the story of a dissatisfied, slightly disturbed young man named David who has found himself at a personal and professional crossroads. He has a job he hates, but cannot leave, and a girl he loves, but cannot fully understand. With help from his friend, Peter, and his therapist, the irrepressible Dr. Costa, he struggles to make sense of his complicated young life. A fractured, fragmented, unconventional narrative, "Syndromes" offers a comic look at office angst, contemporary psychiatric practice and romantic uncertainty. A conglomeration of thoughts, observations, commentary, overheard conversations and cameo appearances, its story - David and Kate's story emerges surreptitiously from this innovative presentation of a confused and chaotic time.


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