Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: The Sum of His Syndromes by K.B. Dixon

"The Sum of His Syndromes" is a wry, odd, idiosyncratic book. A collage of notes written in a sixth-floor men's room, it is the story of a dissatisfied, slightly disturbed young man named David who has found himself at a personal and professional crossroads. He has a job he hates, but cannot leave, and a girl he loves, but cannot fully understand. With help from his friend, Peter, and his therapist, the irrepressible Dr. Costa, he struggles to make sense of his complicated young life. A fractured, fragmented, unconventional narrative, "Syndromes" offers a comic look at office angst, contemporary psychiatric practice and romantic uncertainty. A conglomeration of thoughts, observations, commentary, overheard conversations and cameo appearances, its story - David and Kate's story emerges surreptitiously from this innovative presentation of a confused and chaotic time.

Received from the publisher for review.

For some reason I really enjoyed that the main character's beagle was named Toby. It just seems like such a great name for a beagle.

Some of my favorite quotes were:

"Pam at one of the office lunchroom machines: 'Jeeze, Sandra, you picked your husband faster than you're picking that sandwich.'"

"Noel Evans has had two concussions - one when his wife hit him in the head with a bottle of champagne, the other when she hit him in the head with a lamp."

This one gets eight stars. At some points it was genuinely funny, and at others it was quite depressing. It almost reminded me of True Blood and the way Sookie hears partial thoughts. You sort of become like Sookie for a while while reading the book. It was a nice, quick read. This is certainly recommended for Office Space fans.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆


lilly said...

I am not an Office Space fan but I think I may read this book nonetheless. There's just something about it.

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