Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guest Post: Melissa Burmester author of Ginger High

Melissa Burmester, author of the book Ginger High, stopped by to share with us a piece she wrote.

My Life as a Teenage Author
--Guest Blogger Melissa Burmester, author of GINGER HIGH

You can say that I am just a typical teenager. I live a rather normal teenage life with my parents, my twin brother, and my cat Cosmo. I have one thing that many other teenagers may have not done, I published a novel. You may think that I am bragging, but it was a great accomplishment. I started writing Ginger High when I was twelve and it was published when I was fourteen. When I was in middle school, I wrote some short stories that linger in my computer untouched for years now. Maybe I will combine them into one book.

When my friends heard that I was writing a book, they were so excited and could not wait to read it. My eighth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Walz, heard about the book and told her class. The students invited me to graduation and they gave me an award. It was a very memorable night. I plan to talk to other students about how I became an author and how they can too.

I am in the tenth grade and my schedule is very hectic. I try to write an hour or more a day but my schoolwork is my first priority. I make sure that I have finished all of my homework and studying before I start to write again. Sometimes it is difficult because I have so much fun writing that I would prefer to write over schoolwork but I know that having a good education is very important to get ahead in this world. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I get frustrated if I cannot write for that day. I feel more relaxed when I write and I am in my own little world. I hope one day that I would be able to write a bestseller.

About the book:

Ginger High is no ordinary school. It is a school for students with special powers. Many years ago people came to Earth from the Kingdom of Animist, a parallel universe. Two long time friends, Matthias and Amanta, attended the school and then returned home to Animist. The school has had many unexplained deaths. Daisy Fisher attends the school after her old school burns down. Matthias and Amanta are called back to the school to help solve the mysteries. What are powers? And what is with this crazy school? Welcome to Ginger High.

About Melissa:

Melissa Burmester is presently living in East Moriches, NY with her twin brother George, her parents and their cat Cosmo. Melissa has been writing about vampires and the supernatural since the age of twelve. She has written a few short stories, but “Ginger High” is her first novel. She is presently attending Westhampton Beach High School, and is in the tenth grade. She is planning a career as a writer and a teacher.

You can visit her website at http://www.gingerhigh.com/ or her blog at http://www.melissa-gingerhigh.blogspot.com/. Connect with Melissa at Twitter at www.twitter.com/Ginger_High or Facebook at www.facebook.com/melissa.gingerhigh.

Watch the trailer for Ginger High at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUKPBBBMVNM.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of Melissa's book Ginger High click on the cover image below.


brizmus said...

Loved the piece she wrote on being a teenage author!
this book looks cute!

Kristi said...

I just got this book for review. I didn't know she was a teenager! She is in between the ages of my daughters, who have both said at one time or another that they wanted to be writers - maybe this will give them some incentive!

RKCharron said...

Hi Beth :)
Thank you for having Melissa here today & thanks to Melissa for sharing. GINGER HIGH sounds great. I tried to order it from Amazon.ca but it was out of stock. I'm going to try US Booksellers now.
Love & Best Wishes,

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