Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guest Post: Anik Bose author of Unity Quest

Anik Bose, author of the book Unity Quest, stopped by to share with us a piece he wrote.

Mid-Life Crisis – Friend or Foe?

If you missed your mid-life crisis, don’t worry. Your ego will soon be big enough to cause it! Life changes are meant to serve as catalysts for transforming our current state of consciousness but they are rarely viewed as such. These phases of profound life changes tend to occur between the ages of 35 and 56. Until we reach these stages we predominantly tend to seek fulfillment by defining ourselves externally – be it through our relationships, our professions or our children.

As we enter our mid to late thirties and forties and the specter of our own mortality begins to emerge through the passing away of parents or other loved ones we find ourselves deeply unsatisfied with the status quo. As children leave home, parents can experience feelings of abandonment, lack of purpose or even find there is little in common without the children in the mix. This uneasiness often prompts existential questioning of one’s careers, relationships, purpose in life and brings us to a fork in the road with two paths.

One path leads to a “train wreck” – broken marriages, embarking on serial changes of all consuming jobs, a relentless pursuit of material acquisitions and expensive toys. The one common theme on this path is the continued seeking of the self in the external world.

Another path leads to an inner introspective journey, striving to reach balance and inner peace. If this inner journey is undertaken seriously and with discipline then it manifests itself in the external world as rewarding and revitalized relationships and also as fulfilling professional career choices.

If we are open to learn from these gut wrenching moments of our mid life crises we begin to experience realizations best described by Vitvan the Gnostic teacher “by putting our trust in impermanent external objects our reward is without exception disappointment, disillusionment and ultimately loss”. Through these realizations and experiences we gradually begin to experience higher states of consciousness. At these moments in time, we begin to increasingly treat objective events as ephemeral and transitory. For the few whose world view begins to transform, they begin to trust something much more enduring.

In Unity Quest, we see that learning only comes through experiences, as that is what gets imprinted in our consciousness. Conceptualizing and thinking driven by our mind-made ego cannot alter our current state of consciousness. This approach only serves to continue the meaningless search for seeking the self externally (through external knowledge) and leads to knowing more about subjects (religion, spirituality etc) rather than knowing the subject itself!

Mid-life crises are the first experiential steps to bring you closer to knowing your true self. But we often find ourselves lacking the discernment to choose the path to awareness. Unity Quest book ( discusses the life change processes in a compelling story format and provides practical messages that are helpful in today’s world to begin the journey to transcend the mind-made ego.

About the book:

You are about to join a search that begins in the power hungry offices of Silicon Valley leading to the mysterious pasts of Glastonbury and Machu Picchu. One man's search for a meaningful and purpose-driven life in the twenty first century can change the world.

Unity Quest is a compelling story about the evolution of consciousness in man and the struggle between the two diametrically opposed forces within him (his ego and his higher self).

It is the human journey from isolation and separation to unity that comes from transcending ego.

It is also a powerful story about the evolution of awareness, seeking to live a life of purpose beyond the narcissistic expression of the ego, beyond our baser instincts of survival and the seeking for comfort, pleasure and power alone.

This quest is brought to life through the lives of two characters in different time periods – medieval and current day.
  • The contemporary character’s journey is an inner quest of seeking to end separation within him and starts in an egocentric self, ends in breaking through the ego but having to struggle with the difficulty of learning to hold the awareness in his day to day life.
  • The medieval character’s journey lives through a manuscript given to the contemporary character. His is an external quest of seeking to create unity in the community through travelling a path of selflessness but ends in egoic destruction.
The full journey is completed only through the lives of the two characters. The story is peppered with symbolic clues that link the quests and lives of the two.

About Anik Bose and Lane Michel:

Anik Bose is a former Silicon Valley executive. He and his wife Daniela live in Mount Shasta, California.

Lane Michel is a former Silicon valley executive turned entrepreneur, recently co-founding Onionhead & Company. Lane and his wife Lesa have five children and live in Mount Shasta, California.


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