Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest Post: brntpopcorn author of Snapped

brntpopcorn, author of the book Snapped, stopped by to share with us a piece she wrote.

Writing and Real Life

Every person should write a story at least once in their life. It is a wonderful experience. No one ever has to see it or even know about it. That’s not the point. Writing a story from beginning to end is like nothing else in life. Anyone can start a story. Everyone has ideas and everyone knows how to write. We all learned it back in elementary school. Those things are nothing special. What makes it special is the time, work, and effort put in, it is in having an actual finished product you can look back on and remember. Writing isn’t for everyone. There needs to be self discipline and determination. It will be hard, but every writer thinks back on their first with a fond tender nostalgia.

It’s not all fun and flowing ideas. There will be writers block and moments when it feels like there are better things to do. A schedule is important. Set a word limit and make sure it is met every day. This is the most important part. Slacking off one day will lead to slacking off another, but in the end the reward will be great.

There is no feeling like finishing the first story. All the effort and time are suddenly materialized into something complete. It’s important not to give up. It can be any story, any characters. It doesn’t matter. They will be important and close to you by the end. You never have to write another story again. To have done something like that once on your own will be enough. The time you were able to spend with only your characters will have been special. It doesn’t need to be high quality or an epic thriller. It is a true accomplishment and a materialized part of you. It will be your story.

About the book:

When a black-winged angel breaks through Melany’s window and lands on her bedroom floor things begin to change. And so Melany met Sorter, the angel, but this isn’t just a onetime encounter. The angels refuse to leave her alone.

The next day Sorter and Zeke, another angel, appear on the street ready to go to school with her. Zeke seems to be as nice as an angel should while Sorter threatens to kill her if she tells anyone about them. Melany does not realize there might be a deeper reason to them being there or that she could be in the middle of a war between angels and demons.

Her life is changed forever, as Melany is exposed to portals and travels to their world. She becomes aware of the threat humanity is facing. But Melany has a destiny that could end the war, save her friends, her people, and allow her to go home finding happiness in her own world. What will be Melany’s fate?

About brntpopcorn:

brntpopcorn first appeared on Quizilla working on her first full length novel 'Snapped', then under the working title 'An Angel fell through my window(AND BROKE IT)'. After changes to the sight the story and its sequel were moved to Mibba where the third installment in the series was completed. Since then brntpopcorn has also appeared on Wattpad. Many other rough drafts of her stories have been posted on these sights, but none have yet been published in book format beyond 'Snapped' and 'Chronicle of a Monster'.

brntpopcorn wrote 'Snapped' at the age of eighteen. After graduating high school she took the first part of her summer vacation and dedicated it to writing a commercial fantasy that also embodied some of the feelings and memories of her own high school career. It would later become her most renown work.

brntpopcorn is currently working on the fourth and final installment in the AAftmw series along with a spin-off. The official website for AAftmw is


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

All posted at Win a Book for you, doll.

Mary said...

Wow this sounds like a good read. Thank you for letting me know about it!

Paula said...

I actually read her first draft, back on quizilla and I knew her back then. I'm trying to contact her, send her a fan mail, but can't. Her webpage is, apparently, "not published yet". If you find out her new webpage it would be wonderful, I've been a fan of all the stories she's written.

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