Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guest Post: Robert Tuchman author of 100 Sporting Events You Must See

Robert Tuchman, author of the book 100 Sporting Events You Must See, stopped by to share with us a piece he wrote.

Authors that I admire

There are three prominent authors that I admire, all have written for sports or about the topic of sports. Here are the books that I think best exemplify each of these authors and that helped me succeed as an author myself.

The first is Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie. Albom is an easy person for me to relate to being involved in sports, and it is also easy to relate to him having that mentor in college you look up too. Like most college grads we tend to lose touch with our professors, lose their wisdom, and advice as we enter the cold world of making it on our own. As a sportswriter trying to make it in the vast cutthroat field at the time Albom was living in that world, but then he found his way back to Morrie in the final days of his life. Morrie was suffering from Lou Gerhigs disease when Albom walked back into his life, seeking that advice on big questions on how to get by and still love life in the cruel world Albom was living in. He got a second chance with Morrie and met with him every Tuesday afternoon like when Albom was his student at Brandeis University. What I admire the most about Mitch Albom’s work Tuesdays with Morrie was Albom’s ability to reach such a large audience with his book. The books remained on The New York Times Best Seller’s list for 205 weeks, this is remarkable. Albom’s personal and emotional account with his favorite mentor unfold in this book, and it teaches an audience that the one thing to remember in this big world is that life is about living and pursuing your dreams also how to accept death as a part of life.

Along with Mitch Albom another author I admire is David Halberstam on the book, Playing For Keeps. This book is an excellent account of the game of basketball and its most beloved and well-known player Michael Jordan. As we all know Jordan is an accomplished athlete but he is also a brilliant celebrity who has marketed, branded, and made himself a media phenomenon. Halberstam traces the tenacity of Jordan as an athlete, the trials and tribulations, how he changed the NBA forever, and the lengths he went to make himself the most famous athlete in the world. What I admire most about Halberstam’s work is his ability to incorporate American cultural in the 1980s surrounding the NBA as well as the power of being a prominent athletic figure who brought more people into loving the game basketball, as well as making the name Jordan iconic in the history of sports.

The final author that I admire in my top three is John Feinstein with his book, A Season on the Brink a story following the 1985-86 basketball season with the Indian University Hoosiers. Feinstein was lucky enough to follow the team for the season standing along side witnessing the fire and audacity of Coach Bob Knight. The book outlines in detail the drama and emotion of the team as well as the coaching style of Bob Knight, and his private life. This book was the tipping point for a new genre of books to follow, it is marked as “One of the best selling sports books of all time.” What I admire about Feinstein is that he was the first author of his kind to dive into the life of a tenacious coach and his players, following them through the sweat and tears that the difficult basketball season brought. His book also reached out to millions of sports fans what goes on behind the scenes in college basketball.

About the book:

Founder of the global leader in sports event travel, TSE Sports & Entertainment, Robert Tuchman has finally compiled the list of 100 sporting events that every sports fan must attend in his or her lifetime. Tuchman also maps out your travel and ticket options, recommends the best hotels, details restaurants and nightlife and relays tips guaranteed to make each trip a success. The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live is a comprehensive list and travel guide replete with insider knowledge and expert advice, leaving no stone unturned. The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live is the definitive resource that you will refer to again and again year after year. There is always a top 100 sporting event on the horizon, and it’s never too soon to plan the pilgrimage.


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Ahh, I love people who help spread the literary goodness around.

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I've actually never read Mitch Albom's fiction, but I love his sports writing in the Detroit Free Press. I even blogged about it a few months ago

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