Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: Tick Tock by Dean Koontz (audiobook)

A strange doll is left on Tommy Phan's front steps--stranger than anyone could ever imagine. Later he hears an odd popping sound and is intrigued to find it coming to life. Tommy pursues the thing as it scrambles away--and then is pursued by it as it evolves from a terrifying and vicious manikin into a larger, more formidable opponent bent on killing him. What in the world is this thing and why is it after him?

From the library.

Really, you'd think that a creepy doll attacking someone had already been beaten to death as an idea, but no one has quite done it like Koontz! Who else could successfully mix a sinister attack doll thing with family, romance, and humor?

This one gets four stars. While it was not my favorite Koontz it was still solid. It was interesting to have a Vietnamese-American main character. It was also a great read for October, managing to be at once deliciously creepy and fun. The reader, Paul Michael, did an wonderful job, as always. His work is consistently flawless and this was no exception.

= Really Liked It


2WheelsBetter said...

Loved this book once I got my head round the idea. Mind you Dean Koontz often affects me that way!

Ryan G said...

This is amongst my second tier favorties of Dean R. Koontz's books. My first tier is Strangers, Phantoms, Watchers, and Lightning.

My second tier is Tick Tock, Twilight Eyes, The Bad Place, and the Servants of Twilight.

Gayla said...

I had kind of given up on Dean Koontz the last few years. It's sad because I used to be a huge fan. After reading your review, I'm going to go pick-up from the library "Tick-Tock" and check it out. Thanks Beth!

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