Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Return to First Principles by Budd J. Hallberg

The United States is on the brink of social, economic and political collapse. Large numbers of American families operate daily in chaos and whirl. The nation's economy is in shambles and much of the country's government is corrupt.

Return to First Principles examines a number of socioeconomic and political events which have caused the United States to depart radically from its foundational roots grounded in First Principles. These developments have placed the nation on a Marxist-Socialist path to tyranny.

The breakdown of the nation's banking system and the decay of corporate America has resulted in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. If these conditions are left unchecked, there is a high probability of a full-blown financial meltdown resulting in the destruction of civil society. This book defines what First Principles are, introduces a new political 'ism' and explores a number of ways as to how the nation can repair itself-namely by Returning to First Principles.

Received from the publicist for review.

I found this rather alarmist and while I do agree with a small portion of the author's assertions, the vast majority of what he presented just made him sound like a ranting wacko on a street corner.

There were way too many footnotes, and the bibliography and appendices took up nearly a third of the book.

I was particularly disturbed by the author's pronouncement that sex eduction in schools causes teen pregnancy. No, really.

This one gets two stars. It was frankly unpalatable between the excessive footnotes and rantings about Communism in the US. I really cannot recommend this to anyone, unless you already either agree with the author's views, or would like something to put you off your dinner.

☆☆= Didn't Like It


Ryan G said...

Not even a book I would even consider picking up, thanks for the honest review.

Cyndi said...

Excellent read, challenging and the references invite the reader to deeper understanding. Perhaps more for the enlightened abd educated than the narrow-minded.

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