Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guest Post: Maureen Healy author of 365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids

Maureen Healy, author of the book 365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids, stopped by to share with us a piece she wrote.

3 Ways to Make 2010 Your Happiest Year Yet!

By Maureen Healy

Author of 365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids

Founder of Growing Happy Kids,

Every January I am excited for the new unknown (and hopefully completely magical) New Year ahead of me! Sometimes the excitement is looking at the blank canvas of the impending year and feeling how it is up to me – I have yet another opportunity to paint the dreams of my life into reality. Other times I am just doggone happy to be done with the previous year – since every year is different and some aren’t easy.

Using the New Year

Although I am not a proponent of New Year’s resolutions I do believe its important to consciously set intentions, steer your emotional boat and co-create with the divine a life full of expressing your unique talents. And leveraging my background in Eastern and Western thinking, I have identified 3 key ways that can catapult making this New Year better than ever before. They are:

· Spark Your True Happiness – Each of us has something completely unique that is our signature skill or talent. Being able to express that talent more and more each day gives our lives meaning and helps us feel fulfilled on a daily basis. Such expressions of creation can be from building a completely new business to baking the most extraordinary carrot cake on the planet – it’s only you who knows your individual talents. And it is in using these abilities that helps your heart become happy.

· Add Play into Parenting (or whatever key roles you have!) – Each of us plays a particular role in other peoples lives such as neighbor, teacher, friend, therapist, sister, brother, spouse, mother, father and so on. My suggestion is whatever role tends to make-up most of your life be sure to add play into
it. Like Andrew Carnegie stated, there is little success where there is little laughter. I believe this to be true.

· Surround Self with Inspiration – Only great things happen with inspiration. And I bet you want to live a great life (not just good). So surrounding yourself with uniquely inspires you is essential work. It may be Native American flute music (like me) or something else – poetry, nature, mathematical formulas or some other form of beauty.

Happy New Year!

About the book:

365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids is a book chockfull of easy-to-use sayings specially designed to help the busy adult say “just the right thing” to empower, educate and inspire their child’s best life.

Author Maureen Healy puts an incredibly positive book in the hands of any adult who wants to nurture their child’s sense of confidence, compassion, optimism and connection. Sayings are scientifically grounded yet imaginatively delivered so guiding children can be both meaningful and fun.

Such sayings draw upon Maureen’s in-depth background in Tibetan Buddhism and Western Psychology. Each section was also crafted to nurture the formation of a child’s positive self-concept (empowering sayings), skillful worldview (educating sayings) and connection to something greater (inspiring sayings).

This book is a wonderful reminder of how incredibly powerful the words of parents and adults are to children. It also puts “ready-made” sayings at your fingertip to educate a child about their emotions, develop their character and positive self-worth while also being playful.

About Maureen:

Maureen Healy, author of 365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids, is an expert in emotional health. Her work has taken her around the world building programs for children in modern and developing countries. Creative Visions Foundation named her a “Creative Activist” in 2007, and The Simha Foundation distributes her “Peace Curriculum for Preschoolers” worldwide.

Maureen remains an active contributor to the field today with a popular blog on Psychology Today’s website titled “Creative Development” and serves as the child expert at Pure Inspiration magazine. Her teaching schedule also includes many countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Healy’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Business Administration as well as Master of Arts program in Clinical Psychology along with in-depth studies in Tibetan Buddhism. To learn more visit Maureen’s organization Growing Happy Kids at


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