Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get a Life (and a Dog) by Art Curriveau

Nicky Flynn’s life just got a whole lot harder. His parents are going through a messy divorce, and as a result he’s starting a new life, in a new city, in a new school. Now his mom has brought home Reggie, an eighty-pound German shepherd fresh from the animal shelter, who used to be a seeing-eye dog. At first Nick isn’t sure about this canine intrusion—it’s just another in a series of difficult changes. Soon, however, Nick is on the path to finding out why a seeing-eye dog would be left at an animal shelter, and along the way discovers that Reggie is a true friend that Nick can rely on. But when he tries to reconnect with his dad, Nick puts everything on the line, including the life of his new best friend.

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Received from the publisher for review.

This one gets two stars. I just wasn't feeling this one. I'm not sure if it was Nicky's brattiness or his mother's downer attitude, or what. I also was not impressed at all by their treatment of Reggie (the dog). I'm going to have to recommend a pass on this one.

☆☆= Didn't Like It


J said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the review. Could you fix the title? It is GET not GOT. Many thanks.

Jason Wells
Abrams Books

J said...

Dear Beth,

Thanks for talking the time to rad the book. Could you fix the tittle? The word GOT is actually GET. Many thanks.

Jason Wells
Amulet Books

CinciMom11 said...

This one sounded great! As a mom to a little boy, a child of divorce myself, and a lover of dogs, I got excited. Too bad this one didn't get a great review. I love reading your reviews to find out what is worth my time and what is not. :) Thanks!

P.S. - Is it mean to laugh about someone's multiple typos in a public note they wrote to you about a typo you made? Hehe

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