Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Money Hungry by Daryl Moore

Sandra was emotionally crushed in a prior relationship. Taking a chance on another heart felt endeavor is just too risky for her. She turns a new leaf and this time it is all about the money. She uses her outer beauty to manipulate men. Sandra married a man whom she truly did not love. Her husband, Phats promised to provide her with an extravagant life style. He’s willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to deliver on his promise.

Phats is a Washington DC police officer. He’s an over weight, unattractive man, with a mean disposition. He’s amazed that such an attractive woman is willing to settle down with him. He uses his power as a cop to rob inner city drugs dealers on a regular basis. The tax free money is the path to keep Sandra happy and she continually asks for more and more expensive items.

Phats places himself in risky situation on a daily basis to keep his wife happy. He loves the feeling of power he receives from manipulating drug dealers on the inner city streets. Why should they be the only ones collecting tax free money? He thought to himself. The streets belong to him and he’s willing to do what ever it takes to prove that fact.

Received from the publisher for review.

I found it rather odd that the chapters didn't have numbers, but rather titles of sorts (Mall, Back Home, Drinks, etc.), which gave it almost the feel of a play. They were of a nice length though.

This one gets two stars. I can't say that I particularly liked this. I didn't like the characters as people, but they were well written, as well as the situations, but left me vaguely unsatisfied. I think others may find enjoy the book more, but it just wasn't for me.

☆☆= Didn't Like It


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