Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Rules of Engagement by Chad Hennings

"In all the roles I’ve been privileged to play in life, I’ve seen that men in our society are emotionally disconnected from each other and from God. But we need masculine relationships—friendships with other men, not just marriage and family. We need other men to hold us accountable in our actions and in our beliefs. God uses our relationships with other men to reveal His character to us. These close friendships help us define who we’re supposed to be: men. And not just men, but men after God’s own heart. The importance of masculine relationships has diminished in modern society. We men have lost our masculine identities and we are playing roles in society today that are not in our character, not in our nature. I thought that manhood was an end in itself, that manhood was symbolized by success in wartime or in sports. But I now realize that manhood is the vehicle to the kind of life men are supposed to lead—where our most important missions are love of God, love of spouse, love of family, love of community, and love of country." —Chad Hennings.

Chad has lived and witnessed the persistent “go it alone” myth in our society that traps men from connecting in a meaningful way with other men. In Rules of Engagement, Chad confronts the disconnection men experience from each other and from God, sharing lessons he has learned and offering listeners a plan for a new approach to life that stresses crafting character and vision for one’s self, finding fulfill-ment, living with spirituality, and bonding with other men in their lives. It’s time for men to tear down the walls that separate them from one another, from their true selves, and from a close relationship with God.

Received from the publisher for review.

I must say that a) I'd never heard of the author until I picked up the book and b) I'm obviously not a man, so that necessarily alters my experience of the book.

The way you really make a difference, the way you really change the world, is one person at a time.

This one gets three stars. If I were a Christian male it would probably get four stars. I, of course, did not agree with everything the author presented, but someone of the author's faith and sex would find this a worthy read. It was very well written and quite readable.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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