Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review: The Survivor's Club by Ben Sherwood

We are a nation battered every day by stories about horrific calamities, tragic events, frightening statistics. Inevitably our thoughts turn personal and we wonder if we have what it takes to get through the worst thrown our way. While there are plenty of books about coping with adversity, it isn't until now, with WHO SURVIVES, that we discover the human factors that determine survival. It's a combination instruction book and security blanket that blends compelling true stories with cutting-edge science to deliver some of the most important lessons we'll ever need to learn.

The book will:
—list the most important traits necessary for survival (Fear is #1.)
—identify the 5 types of survivors
—debunk myths (like only the strong survive), explore the frontiers of survival science (How much strain and punishment can a human body endure?), and introduce readers to counterintuitive thinking (Ever heard of posttraumatic growth?)
—provide a Survivors Tool Kit, including an online test that measures one's Survivor's Quotient

Each one of us eventually joins the club of millions who face life's inescapable tribulations and tragedies. WHO SURVIVES is the companion we need to prepare us for and guide us through the worst.

Received from the publisher for review.

This was a fascinating look at survivors from all sorts of incidents, but it was not happy. After reading it I never want to fly again.

This one gets three stars. This is a very well written and interesting book, but it is a total downer. I didn't get anything positive from it at all. It is just depressing through and through. I gather it is supposed to be inspiring or something, but I certainly wasn't feeling it. This is best for those survivalists who draw inspiration from the stories of others suffering. For everyone else it is just too depressing.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


Farrah aka The Book Faery said...

Looks like an interesting read. :-) I enjoy reading these kind of books in between fiction.

Ryan G said...

I heard an interview on NPR with the author a while back and I thought it would be an interesting read. Thanks for the review.

J.T. Oldfield said...

The more I hear about this, more interested I am.

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