Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Tucker's Countryside by George Selden

Chester Cricket needs help. That's the message John Robin carries into the Times Square subway station where Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse live. Quickly, Chester's good friends set off on the long, hard journey to the Old Meadow, where all is not well.

Houses are creeping closer. Bulldozers and construction are everywhere. It looks like Chester and his friends' home will be ruined and the children of the town won't have a place to play. Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse are used to the city life. Now they need to find a place to stay and good things to eat. And most of all they must think of a plan—a special plan to help their friends.

From the library.

This was just as nice as the first book in the series (The Cricket in Times Square), although I think that will remain my favorite.

This one gets five stars. It was simply adorable. It was so nice to see our friends Chester, Harry, and Tucker again in a new environment in Connecticut. And, actually, it was probably even more fun for me since I do live in Connecticut. The illustrations were absolutely perfect, as is always the case with the illustrator, Garth Williams. You absolutely cannot read this and not love it! The only way it could possibly be better would be if it were an audiobook read by Stephen Fry! Needless to say, it is highly recommended!!

★★★★★ = Loved It

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I'm really going to have to check this series out. Thanks!

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