Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meme: What I Do and Do Not Like

While browsing my Google Reader this morning I saw this fun post from Wordsmithonia about a meme entitled What I Do and Do Not Like. I simply had to give it a whirl.

The rules are pretty much self explanatory - all you have to do is fill in the blanks after each bold word and then tag 3 of your friends. I'm ignoring the tagging bit, but if you do post yours feel free to leave your link.

I like almost all BBC mystery/detective shows.
I like soft, fleecy blankets.
I like Doctor Who.
I like spinach.
I like writing with a freshly sharpened pencil.
I like opening parcels.
I like bath products that smell like food.
I like sticky notes.
I like shortbread and tea.
I like quiet time alone.
I like reading in the sun.
I like pastries.

I love my furry babies.

Today is beginning to feel like Spring.

I hate when other people eat off my plate without asking.
I hate screaming/sticky/crying/etc. children.
I hate waiting in line.
I hate hot, humid days.
I hate cigarette smoke.
I hate being cold.

I (secretly) like E! reality shows.

I love reading.


Diane said...

I like everything you do Beth except...spinach and pencils...LOLn

Ryan G said...

I love fresh, raw spinach but can't eat it cooked. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who hates hot days.

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