Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: Harry Cat's Pet Puppy by George Selden

Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse try to find a permanent home for a young stray puppy they have befriended. A sequel to "Tucker's Countryside..

From the library.

There's a mystery in names, something very important – and especially the names of living things: names make things be themselves.

This one gets four stars. It is the third installment in the Cricket in Times Square collection and revisits our friends Harry and Tucker in the New York subway. It was just as utterly charming as the first two books. The lovely illustrations by Garth Williams were simply adorable and made the book just that much more special.

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★★★★ = Really Liked It


Tribute Books said...

Very cute, love it.

Christine H said...

Oh what a cute book. I happen to love animals and have been known to have more than a few cats and dogs in my lifetime.

Thanks for the review, I might get this for one of my nieces.

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