Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Just Let Me Lie Down by Kristin van Ogtrop

MOTHERHOOD AND WORKING are journeys of trial and error, and you sometimes feel like you know less than you did when you started. I for one know less about the following: why boys always say "Nothing" when you ask what they did at school that day; why husbands never turn of the TV; why you can't fire someone just for being irritating. But I do know a few things, including the fact that a good many working mothers could use some sort of organizing principle, a few labeled bins to hold the chaos. Hence this collection: an alphabetically arranged dictionary of terms, observations, lists, complaints, questions, musings, and the occasional diatribe about the little joys and major nonsense that define life for me, and untold women like me, on a daily basis.

Received from the publisher for review.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book were:

Beware of any sentence that begins with "actually," as in "Actually, we've decided to eliminate your whole department" or "Actually, I don't think it's the best haircut you've ever had."

Caller ID Malfunction: When you have dialed a number and cannot remember whom it belongs to, but the phone is ringing and it feels too late to hang up in case someone has gotten up out of a chair on the other end to answer your call.

This one gets two stars. Generally this was okay, but it appears to be written for people like the author - WASPs who whine about their indulgent lives. The author appears to view anyone who does not have children (by choice) as somehow less than her and her WASPy friends. Needless to say, I did not like the author as a person, but I did find a small minority of the tidbits amusing. Said tidbits were nicely sized and alphabetized for easy navigation. This would make a nice gift for the WASP working mom in your life.

☆☆= Just Okay


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