Sunday, April 4, 2010

Review: Trainers V. Tiaras (Diary of a Chav #1) by Grace Dent

For now, Shiraz is stuck on an estate in Goodmayes, Essex, with her sister Cava-Sue, her nightmare mum Diane and her loved-up mate Carrie. Hoodies, hip-hop and hanging about outside Claire's Accessories. Taking her flatulent Staffy for a walk. Lusting after local lad Wesley Barrington Baines II. It's a limited world for this loveable Essex dreamer. But when new English Teacher Miss Brackett arrives at Mayflower Academy, Shiraz is made to see there's more to life than getting excluded, suped up Vauxhall Novas and Chicago Town pizza. It's time Shiraz began thinking what she wants to do with life. And what sort of person she wants to be. A lot of snooty folk call Shiraz Bailey Wood a chav. Well if by 'Chav' you mean 'Charming, Hilarious, Articulate and Vibrant', Shizza doesn't mind that at all. Call her what you want. She don't care. She's keeping it real.

From my personal collection.

This is set in England, so necessarily there were a lot of cultural and product references that equal either a continuing vague confusion or extensive Googling for the reader. I opted for vague confusion. The slang and overall poor use of the English language began to wear rather quickly, but I did get used to it by the end.

This one gets three stars. It was good, but not great, and a nice start to the series. The premise itself, of a fifteen year old girl's journal was intriguing, and did hold your interest throughout, perhaps because the entries were short enough that one could take frequent breaks while reading. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone who'd like a light Summer read.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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