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Guest Post: Steven Lourie author of The Pursuit

Steven Lourie, author of the book The Pursuit, stopped by to share with us a piece he wrote.

The writing of The Pursuit is a story in and of itself. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I wrote a short story about a year or so prior to beginning work on The Pursuit. This short story, called Speak, was, at the time, hands down the best piece I had ever written, and not just in my opinion, in the opinion of many of my peers and mentors. It was the piece that taught me that I was good enough at writing to potentially do this for a living. As soon as I had written that, I could wait to write more. The thrill of the success of that first piece and the thrill of the approval of people whose opinion I cared about were great and I wanted to replicate that. So I tried and I tried and I tried.

I was coming up with ideas left and right, but something wasn’t right. I would either stop midway through writing the piece, not because I felt it was bad, but just because I didn’t have the pure inspiration, the pure creative inspiration necessary to complete it, or I would finish it, read it over, and be disappointed and at times even angry that I thought, while writing it, that it would be good. Of course no one knew any of this was happening inside of me.

All of this was confusing me. I had written something great, but I hadn’t written anything great since. Then I thought, what if those two things are related? What if one is causing this other? Maybe my success (or at least in relative terms) was causing my writers block. And out of those wonderings came The Pursuit. The Pursuit was formed by fusing those wonderings and those questions with a plot idea I had come up with in the past, a plot idea about the value of music and art and creativity, as compared to the value of money. Those confused wonderings and questions added a new depth to this once somewhat clich├ęd plot, and allowed me to create something that, in reading it back after its completion, I can call a masterpiece.

In the creation of this self proclaimed masterpiece, my love of writing grew even further. The Pursuit has taken my dream of becoming an author for a living and transformed it into a full on pursuit, and, in some ways, a reality. Indirectly through The Pursuit, I have come up with plenty of other ideas for things to write in the future, one of which is a short story that has already been written, and hopefully some day in the near future will be published in a book of my short fiction, along with Speak, the story that got everything started.

About the book:

All Adam Shepard wants is to get fame as a musician and the girl who lives down the hall. Or at least that's what he thinks. The story begins with Adam, the son of an insurance salesman and a woman whose only job is being a "mom," from a small town in Washington, recounting the story of his childhood, how he felt outcast and how he felt alive when he first picked up a guitar. 

Adam goes through a life changing and belief changing journey to claim his dreams. This journey starts with playing guitar in his bedroom with the door closed as a kid, distancing himself from his parents and their average lives, and takes him to the streets of Seattle as a street performer, while he was a student at the University of Washington, to the streets of San Francisco and Spokane, working crappy jobs to get by after flunking out of school, and eventually takes him to parts of the world he never imagined he would see, and teaches him things and challenges him in ways he could not possibly have imagined as a fourteen year old picking up a guitar.

In a side story, which is strongly related to Adam's quest for fame, is his quest for love, and the pursuit of the beautiful girl down the hall, Jill. With strong imagery, Adam's pursuit of Jill provides another strong example of the ups and downs of both life and our life's pursuits and ambitions and adds to the overall theme of the story.

The Pursuit can be purchased here for only $9.95

About Steven:

Steven Lourie is a young, aspiring, and passionate author looking to get established in the world of fiction, starting with self publishing. A student at Northeastern University, Steven is majoring in journalism and business, and may eventually end up in the field of marketing or as an entrepreneur. However, writing has always been his passion since he was 6 years old and started writing little stories for his family. Since then, his writing style has evolved and all through high school, his writing teachers gave him high praise and let him believe that he could make a living doing this. 

Writing for a living is his dream and he hopes his passion will someday allow him to achieve that. He has written several other short stories and poems, both for classes and in his free time, but "The Pursuit" is his first full length novel and he certainly hopes not his last (he has several ideas for other novels in the future). Several of his shorter works have been published in other places, including school literary publications, local literary publications, even national youth literary publications, as well as the internet. 

Steven also enjoys sports and to write about football and would also someday love to be a paid sports writer on the internet or have his own paying in print sports column in a major newspaper. For a lighter side of Steven’s writing, check out his football site.


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