Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meme: If...

I cam across this super fun meme over at Wordsmithonia and just had to try it for myself. Darned if it didn't take longer than I'd thought to come up with answers!

If you do the meme on your blog, leave a link here so I can come check it out!

If I was...
a month I'd be September
a day of the week I'd be Saturday
a time of the day I'd be just before dawn

If I was...
a sea animal I'd be a starfish
a direction I'd be East
a piece of furniture I'd be a club chair
a liquid I'd be mulled cider

If I was...
a gemstone I'd be cubic zirconium
a tree I'd be a Willow
a tool I'd be a Swiss Army knife
a kind of weather I'd be a rain storm

If I was...
a musical instrument I'd be a piano
a color I'd be Hello Kitty pink
an emotion I'd be bewilderment
a fruit I'd be a kiwi

If I was...
a food I'd be croissant
a material I'd be cotton t-shirt
a scent I'd be cinnamon
a flavor I'd be hot apple pie (not in the American Pie sense!)

If I was...
a sound I'd be a keening wail
an element I'd be fire
a mammal I'd be a wildcat
a phase of the moon I'd be new

If I was...
a berry I'd be a blackberry
a bird I'd be a sparrow
a book I'd be Wind in the Willows
a place I'd be Maine shore beach


Book Dilettante said...

Cute! and creative! Harvee, My Sunday Salon

Ryan G said...

Wonderful answers. Mulled cider is oh so yummy!

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