Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review: P.A.C.E. The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution by Al Sears, M.D.

PACE is the ONLY doctor-designed program proven to help you reclaim a young, lean and effortlessly energetic body in as little as twelve minutes—guaranteed! PACE is a growing revolution. It’s already practiced by thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world. PACE overturns years of failed ideas and exercise advice. PACE upends current exercise trends by revealing their flaws and offering a more effective, more natural way of moving our bodies. This book will show you how to replace the flawed and ineffective theories the have been mistakenly accepted without proof with what really works. Join the PACE revolution and your body will soon become naturally strong and resilient. You’ll join the cutting-edge group of thousands who now feel energized, motivated, and ready to take on any challenge. And the best news is that joining the PACE revolution takes on average only twelve minutes per day.

Received from the publicist for review.

The book started off well with a nice introduction detailing the author and his qualifications. The quality  remains high throughout the remainder of the book with lots of helpful graphs and images to help illustrate the text.

This one gets four stars. This is a completely different workout and eating plan. It does seem from the case studies and such that it is quite effective. This plan does require a level of dedication that some may not be willing to sustain. You also need to eat large quantities of protein, so be prepared for that. That said, I highly recommend this for people who are looking for a new solution to an old problem.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


LM Preston said...

Seems like we are always looking for a way to lose weight at less effort. My stepmom doesn't exercise but was put on a plan where she eats 6 tiny meals a day with a protien and a carb - she lost 30lbs in 6 months with no exercise. Go figure.

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