Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Poppy & Rye by Avi

Heartbroken over the loss of her beloved fiance, Ragweed, Poppy is making the long journey west to bring the sad news to his family, whom she's never met. There is no way Poppy can know that Ragweed's brother Rye is traveling east on his own quest for answers....

Coming across a beautiful green meadow in the forest, Poppy closes her eyes and begins to dance. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and, for one indescribable moment, thinks she sees Ragweed standing before her. Without a word, the strange new mouse takes her paws and the two dance in a graceful, magical duet. And then he is gone.

Has it all been a dream? Or has something truly extraordinary occurred? Poppy isn't sure. But when she finally reaches Ragweed's family, she discovers great trouble. Beavers are constructing a giant dam and flooding the home of the mouse family. The mice have turned for help to Rye, who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. Now, Rye longs to prove himself to his family...and to the beautiful deer mouse who captured his heart in the meadow.

Before the battle is over, Poppy and Rye are drawn together in a dangerous showdown with the cruel and relentless dam builders. Braving kidnap, imprisonment, and a daring rescue, they carry out a brilliant plan, and with Poppy by his side, Rye dares rise to meet the expectations of his family and the mouse he loves.

Borrowed from my aunt.

After forcing myself to slog through Poppy at my aunt's urging, and finding it distinctly distasteful I agreed to give the author another chance. Let's just say that I'm glad this was short.

This one gets two stars. While it was better than Poppy, the main character Poppy annoyed the hell out of me. Ereth's "bad" language was really overboard and completely unnecessary. The story wasn't even that good either. Overall, despite the good quality illustrations by Brian Floca, I'd give this one a pass. If I had kids I wouldn't let them read this crap either.  It's just not worth the time investment unless you really liked the others from the series.

☆☆= Just Okay


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