Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review: Practical English Level 365 Volume 1 by Kaakyire Akosomo Nyantakyi

Language acquisition does not take a day off. That is the thinking behind Practical English Level 365. This powerful and easy-to-use text book is designed to boost the English Skills of any level speaker of English.The method behind author and teacher Kaakyire Akosomo Nyantakyi’s unique system is simple. Complete two assignments per day: one in class, the other as homework. Because practice makes perfect, this intensive schedule ensures that learning doesn’t fall off during weekends, holidays and breaks. In fact, after completing both volumes of Practical English within a year or so, students should be able to communicate in English with sophisticated precision, be it speech or writing.In this volume, students will encounter: • Hundreds of must know words to broaden their vocabulary. • How to put these words together : the elements of written and spoken English from sentences to paragraphs. • The basics of grammar: understanding subjects, predicates and all the other mechanics of the English Language. • Proper punctuations: using commas, colons, semicolons and much much more. • Tenses: applying the right tenses to express varying senses of time. • Quizzes: word searches and fun exercises to boost comprehension and much much more.All exercises are carefully structured to help students gain a high level of competency that will help them know what to say, how to organize it and how to write it-quickly, effectively and correctly. There’s even a motivational message from the author designed to keep students hungry for success.

Received from the publisher for review.

This one gets three stars. The author obviously cares about the subject and is quite well versed. The manual is certainly comprehensive as well. It does read like the instructional text that it is. More advanced students with at least intermediate English language skills should find this helpful.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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