Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: The Power of Vitamin D by Sarfraz Zaidi, MD

In “POWER OF VITAMIN D” Dr. Zaidi clearly explains:

• The link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, lupus, M.S., asthma, thyroid diseases, dental problems and depression.

• The incredible health benefits of vitamin D.

• Why most people are low in vitamin D despite taking vitamins, going outdoors, living in sunny places and drinking milk.

• Doctors frequently miss the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency because they often order the wrong test.

• The right test to diagnose vitamin D deficiency.

• The best way to prevent and treat vitamin D deficiency.

• Vitamin D toxicity and how to prevent it.

Received from the publisher for review.

This one gets three stars. It was a genuinely interesting look into vitamin D, the body's reaction to its deficiency, and what to do about it. The case studies scattered throughout were educational. This was well written, comprehensive, and easy to read. If you're concerned out your Vitamin D levels, or just like reading about health related topics this is a solid source.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


Diane said...

Sounds like I should read this one as I was recently diagnosed as Vitamin D deficient, so I started taking supplements.

Anonymous said...

I saw a show on TV about how a Vitamin D deficiency can mean problems for you so I thought I didn't get enough. But I later found out that I have Sarcoidosis which gets worse with too much Vitamin D! Good idea to check with your doctor first. I am supposed to stay out of the sunshine!

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