Friday, July 2, 2010

Review: Skinny Is Overrated by Danielle Milano, MD

Skinny Is Overrated is a guide to health and happiness for women of any size who are tired of dieting. Writing in a conversational and often humorous style, and backed by scientific research, Dr. Danielle Milano teaches us to make healthier food choices. She emphasizes the importance of exercise, assuring the reader that it isn't necessary to be a size two! With helpful, easy recipes and common sense advice, Dr. Milano's guidelines for simple lifestyle changes will help you lose weight, gain energy, and become a healthier, more confident you-as you were meant to be.

Received from the publicist for review.

My favorite quote from the book was:

All the diets in the world could never turn a bulldog into a greyhound, and it's no different for people.

I found the author's suggestions that you should get clues to what you should be eating from what your ancestors ate. I'm not entirely sure my French peasant farmer ancestors are the ones to ask. I think their diets may have been a bit skewed. It's not like they were living at Versailles.

This one gets three stars. While some of the author's suggestions are reasonable (cut out the HFCS, eat more veggies), I found the meal suggestions to be completely unsustainable for most people. I mean, who really wants just two egg whites and a single slice of white toast for breakfast? That's just unreasonable. The food quantities are just way too low. That said, almost everyone can take away at least a few helpful suggestions from the book to apply in his or her own life.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


Mardel said...

"...just two egg whites and a single slice of white toast for breakfast?"

That particular suggestion doens't really fit with the implied (from the title) intent of the book does it?

I don't seem to have an issue with breakfast though (myself) - my body usually doesn't wake up until after 11 a.m. Even dinner seems to be too much for me - and I'm still overweight. (pepsi - and inability to move around much)

Man of la Books said...

I remember reading in a muscle magazine (don't ask) "Mick Jagger will never be Arnold Schwarzenegger". It was actually a serious article about genetics.

I think what the author meant when she said "you should be eating from what your ancestors ate" is that you should eat fresh food and that if your food didn't have a mother or didn't grow from the ground - don't eat it.

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