Sunday, August 8, 2010

FYI: Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I've had a couple e-mails ask my why I'm not participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week so I thought I'd quickly address the issue.  

The short answer is that no matter how much work I put into the blog it was still apparently not good enough to warrant a nomination last year so I just chose to ignore the entire thing this year instead of making myself feel yet more depressed about how apparently my blog is crap when it didn't win or even get listed.  

I'm happy with my blog and if I'm not recognized as worthy according to the BBAW, then so be it.  It's my blog and my life and I choose not to dwell on the negativity and popularity contest that BBAW is.  I refuse to return to high school politics.

So you will not be seeing any posts about BBAW (besides this one) here.


Heidi V said...

I know it might not be a nomination but I enjoy reading your blog and the books you recommend. =)

Beth said...

Aw! Thanks Heidi! :)

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I enjoy your blog as well Beth.

I am not participating in BBAW either, as I see it as somewhat of a popularity contest as well. There are loads of great blogs out there.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to your blog via feedburner and I agree with Heidi! I've never heard of BBAW since I just started my book blog. But I'm glad I was able to hear your perspective on it. Otherwise, I probably would've seen an ad somewhere and dived right in without considering that the only person that needs to validate my blog is me :-) However I am going to head over to the site and see what the buzz is about...
Feel free to drop by and visit me when you have a moment.

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