Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Messages from Water and the Universe by Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto’s 15 extensive years of study on water has given him the background to discuss what water is, how it has been implicated in the creation of the universe, and why a perfect ratio of Love and Gratitude can help this energy can go on infinitely.

This fascinating book explains how our prayers, goodwill, and positive words heal us humans—as well as viruses and the universe as a whole—through water. Dr. Emoto explains that the fact that water has lost its true form shows that our way of living has moved away from God’s will, so we should be aware of our Creator’s alert to “correct the way we are living now.”

The information in this work is an important step in revealing how we can modify our way of living to bring about true peace on earth.

E-galley received from the publisher for review.

I read and enjoyed several of the author's other books so I was quite looking forward to this.  I was rather disappointed by the first chapter which was all about "God" but I decided to slog onwards.  The repeated references to "god" in nearly every sentence became very tiring after about two pages.

Unfortunately, this volume passed from intriguing scientific research to metaphysical, Birkenstock wearing, crunchy granola boredom almost immediately.  There were even references to Atlantis.  I mean, really!  Completely yawn worthy!

There was even a hate filled passage about how evil it was for the US to drop atomic bombs on Japan in retaliation for their unprovoked attack at Pearl Harbor.  No, seriously.  He essentially blames the US and Allied Forces for all the issues currently faced by Japan.  Apparently he believes that the attack on Pearl Harbor was perfectly acceptable.

Lest I forget, the author also believes and repeatedly states that the Japanese are just simply better people than those of us in the Western World.  This in a book published in English in the US.  I'm not entirely sure about the thought process behind pissing off your target audience.

The author also had the balls to rewrite Einstein's E=MC2 formula to what he believes Einstein meant.  He believes that through some grand conspiracy Einstein's formula is actually in code.  One that, of course, only he can read.  The only word that came to mind while reading this nonsense was "prick", which I think is especially appropriate in this instance.

This one gets one star.  I was not at all impressed by the religious overtone of the text.  The political and religious manifesto was simply intolerable yet I did manage to finish the slim volume through sheer willpower.  This will certainly be my last book by the author if he continues in this unfortunate vein.

☆☆ = Didn't Like It


Man of la Books said...

What bothers me about these books is that the author tries to hook you in promising one thing (scientific research) and then completely switches subject. It's even worst when they go on a personal tirade.

Sun Singer said...

Too bad seeing his approach, message and focus plummeting down hill.


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