Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: The Supreme Being by Birinder Bhullar

The purpose of the book is to reveal about the Supreme Being and the Supreme Reality. It will remind the Self about its original quest. After reading it, no Self can be the same again -- no Self can avoid falling in love with the True Reality. It shares about the true relationship of the Self with the Supreme Being, as well as about the purpose of life, bondage of the mind, the path to experience the Supreme Being, and true living.

Knowing the Ultimate has remained the innermost quest of every human being since the beginning: Mystics, Philosophers, Emperors, Kings, Conquerors, Scientists, Explorers and Discoverers all wanted to arrive there. The mind cannot come to rest without this knowledge. Deep within, we seek a heaven. We have imagined it with the ultimate in everything we want: beauty, power, security, knowing, peace, happiness, contentment. We seek to know about it and find a path going there. We wish to experience it while living.

We love life. We never want it to end. So we have to live it for the reason we are here. To know it, we have to know The Truth. From a grain of sand, a blade of grass, a drop of water to many distant stars, we have come to know something about the world. We think we will arrive at an ultimate knowing by dividing and microscopically looking into things in the infinitely vast physical Universe. We ignore the fact that this visible Universe is itself an infinitesimal speck in the unknowable vastness beyond. We think we will analyze data, theorize, and understand The Whole, And once we have ultimate knowing we will have power over everything in Creation -- even life and death. But all we are doing is growing a very knowledgeable, confused, complicated, doubtful, disordered, unhappy, discontented, and restless mind. And its center we perceive as our "I."

Our present Self-identity is an illusion, and impermanent. Our experience is incomplete because it is relative, partial, and extremely limited. The new reveals itself every day but our Ultimate Truth remains elusive. Why? Because there is one domain we have never entered: the search for our source and our true "I." It is in this realm we will experience what we are actually seeking: spontaneous knowing, uncaused happiness, everlasting identity, and infinite living!

Received from the publisher for review.

First of all, and perhaps most annoyingly, the author claims to have lived several previous lives. That, in and of itself, is not the issue. The issue is that he claims to have been a famous conqueror as so many before him have also asserted. It is interesting to note that the author has joined the ranks of those insisting they were Cleopatra or Alexander the Great in a past life. No one tends to discover that they were a chambermaid in a previous life.

This one gets two stars. While the book was well written and covered many important truths, the material just did not resonate with me. The author was steadfastly religion neutral which was a pleasant surprise. Fans of Eckhart Tolle's beliefs should find this along the same lines.

☆☆= Just Okay


Katherine said...

I just left a three hour workshop with Bhullar this evening. I can with all certainty that this man's intention and integrity resonated a personal and loving commitment to share truths that we all need to hear in this day and age. I am less concerned with who he says he was in a past life than with what he's giving to his readers and guests. I purchased the book at the workshop and intend to dig into it this evening. My observation is that he's the real deal.

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