Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula by Emanuel Barling and Ashley Brooks

At one time, "eating healthy" meant eating fruits and vegetables from the Food Pyramid charts posted on classroom walls and doctors' offices since the early 1950s. We both thought we were eating healthy foods until we started becoming ill. We soon learned that our so-called healthy foods were polluted with pesticides, preservatives and dangerous food additives. While you may think that you are eating a healthy diet, you will soon learn that many of your food choices are polluted.

All humans are distinctly different and there is no perfect diet that works for everyone. Our goal is to teach you to create your own elimination-style diet based upon testing and charting your meals using our suggestions. We help you identify food intolerances, allergies and eliminate toxic ingredients while creating a safe list of foods specific to you. We include organic recipes, planned menus and charts of purines (uric acid) contained in foods that affect your pH balance. We do not suggest that you radically change the foods that you eat. Rather we suggest you switch your choices to organic choices of the same foods you are already eating.

Mannie's Diet also focuses on the importance of natural enzyme supplements. You can effectively stop, minimize or control the effects of inflammation leading to illness and disease by taking natural enzyme supplements. Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula are neither expensive nor burdensome.

The goal of our books is to help change a person's lifestyle to prevent arthritis, gout, Crohn's, IBD, IBS, heart disease, cancer, liver, kidney ailments and other illnesses and diseases caused by inflammation, allergy, intolerance or genetic predisposition. We believe based upon our experiences that Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula are the ultimate in preventive medicine.

We cite more than 1,500 medical treatises, journals, surveys, tests and periodicals in the References section of this book in support of our facts, theories and opinions. You can look up every theory and opinion and read the source material yourself.

Received from the publisher for review.

This one gets three stars.  It was certainly comprehensive but that led to it being a bit of a tome with a very hefty, textbook feel.  There was a great deal of interesting information packed into the pages but it could be a bit dry to read.  The dietary adjustments and enzyme suggestions can be rather extreme but may be beneficial for some.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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