Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review: Side Effects: Death by John Virapen

"Side Effects: Death" is the true story of corruption, bribery and fraud written by Dr. John Virapen, who has been called THE Big Pharma Insider. During his 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry internationally (most notably as general manager of Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden), Virapen was responsible for the marketing of several drugs, all of them with side effects.

Now, Virapen is coming clean and telling all of the little secrets you were never intended to know!

Received from the author for review.

Some of the most interesting tidbits I discovered in the book were:

Did you know that large pharmaceutical corporations spend about $35,000 - $40,000 per year and per practicing doctor to persuade them to prescribe their products?

Maybe you've already noticed, new illnesses appear in the media, that nobody has ever heard of before and nobody you know has ever had. Then, brand new drugs quickly appear, helping to relieve the symptoms of these very illnesses, which nobody ever had before.

This one gets four stars. It was extremely informative and well written. I knew that the pharmaceutical industry was dirty, but this detailed look into their practices frankly sickened me. The book clearly discusses many well known drugs such as Vioxx and Prozac which should be extremely interesting for the many people taking those drugs. I found it especially appalling that the side effects listed in the book for Prozac included "suicidal thoughts" and "suicide"! Seriously, how a pill with a side effect of suicide is even on the market just illustrates how corrupt the system is! This clear, concise book is a must read for anyone concerned about pharmaceutical corruption and repercussions in his or her own family.

★★★★ = Really Liked It 


Anonymous said...

This is always a hot topic for me. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and I always say to myself, this should not be a billion dollar industry. There are a few things I have experienced that have made me cringe and I always commend those that speak out. This is definitely a book I have to pick up.

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