Friday, April 29, 2011

Excerpt: A Moment's Matinee by Bill Bailey

I received A Moment's Matinee from the publisher for review, but as poetry and I are not friends I'm posting an excerpt instead of a review.

An excerpt from A Moment's Matinee by Bill Bailey

It's In the Blood

This urge to smile on paper,
To trap my fears in lines,
To seek surcease in simile,
And press for hope in rhymes,
Must have a source an artistry
The Griots set in place
To offer solace during stress 
And fuel for the race.

The Final Act

At this the coda of a life that might, in truth, be called
A passage marked by minor gains and catastrophic falls -
My need to play the major roles increases with my age
And past failures merely serve as lighting for this final stage.

About the book:

A Moment's Matinee: A Collection of PoemsA language lover's delight! 

This book comments on most of the issues and concerns of thoughtful people in language that is at once dynamic yet accessible!

This book represents the lifelong writings of a teacher, administrator, father, advisor and foremost, a poet.

About Bill:
Billy Bailey, a former English teacher and high school administrator, has written a volume that engaging, insightful, and at times, an inspirational exploration of current concerns.


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