Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: The Chinese Consipiracy by John Mariotti

The Chinese ConspiracyWhen Jim Martini goes back to his WV hometown to see why its major employer failed suddenly he finds more than a failed company. He risks his life, finds a lost love, and stumbles into an international conspiracy. A Chinese revolutionary group is using viruses, hacking, malware and cyber-technology to over-throw its own government and attempt to control the US--by shutting down all forms of computers and communications--all at once.

Suddenly nothing works-communications are "silenced". The US is preoccupied fighting global terrorism, so it's up to Jim, hometown friends and a small team of CIA, FBI, and NSA agents to overcome this devastating threat and stop The Chinese Conspiracy.

Set in the lush mountains of West Virginia and half-way around the world in China, The Chinese Conspiracy weaves a chilling tale of cyber-terrorism, current events and a tender love story. Read The Chinese Conspiracy and then call or e-mail someone you love, but do it while everything still works.

Received from the author for review.

This one gets four stars.  The deliciously creepy, Fringe worthy story, was made all the more creepy because it could actually could happen.  At times it was a bit on the technical side, language wise, but it wasn't overly distracting.  The masterful writing locks you into an escalating level of suspense worthy of a John Grisham.  Fans of John Grisham and Brad Meltzer will find this engrossing conspiracy tale incredibly enjoyable.  I sincerely look forward to future books by the author.  I highly recommend this!

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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That sounds right up my alley, I'll have to check that one out!

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