Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation by Khun Shwe Thike

The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation: Fearless BibleDiscover the Cosmic Order and Four Elements that Will Change Your Outlook on Everything

What really happens after we die? What are the mechanisms that give us birth? Do we really have a soul? What is it? Such questions have kept philosophers, religious leaders, and mystics busy for millennia. Now, the author and philosopher KhunShweThike sheds new light on these and other inquiries in The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation: Fearless Bible. In this breakthrough book, you'll discover the surprising truth about reincarnation and how it works. While most explanations of this phenomena focus on the effect of past lives on the present, The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation powerfully argues that what befalls us in this life is completely unrelated to the past. And that revelation has important ramifications for how we live our lives. You'll also learn:

•How other cultures share and differ in their understanding of death and rebirth
•The importance of the Five Laws of Cosmic Order
•The meaning of the Four Ultimate Realities and how it impacts your life
•Why certain tragedies and hardships affect us in this life, and what we can do to stop them from happening
•How such understanding and realization can and will contribute to increased peace and understanding the world over

The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation: Fearless Bible is perfect for anyone interested in philosophy, death, healing, or self-improvement.

Received from the publisher for review.

This one gets three stars. While well written it does lean a bit towards more academical wording which can be tedious. The chapters are nicely sized to make for convenient breaking points so one does not get overwhelmed though. Although I don't necessarily agree with all the author's assertions he does present his ideas well. Fans of spiritual self improvement books, such as Wayne Dyer's, will find this intriguing.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


Sun Singer said...

I'm often drawn to books about reincarnation, past lives, other planes of existence, and how the whole thing works.

One question that comes to mind when a new book appears that contradicts older ones, is: where did the author get his/her information? Why are the "facts" in one reincarnation book more compelling than those in another?

Part of accepting the book is accepting the author. Many of us did that years ago with the Seth books, but it took a while to trust the information since there was, of course, no way to verify it.

Interesting review.


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