Sunday, June 19, 2011

Featured Book: The Answer by Allison Wynn

The Answer: "A Journey From Anger to Peace"How Do You Want to Feel on the Last Day of Your Life?

Eric McPhearson was just looking for a little pick-me-up when he stopped into his local coffee shop on his way to work. He ended up making a life-changing discovery.

It all starts when he spots a stranger's journal and reads an entry titled, "The Last Day of My Life." What he learns silences all the anger inside of him-leading to a breakthrough in his troubled marriage and a happier, more peaceful existence.

The Answer: A Journey from Anger to Peace unpacks the intense meaning of that journal entry. In this unique, accessible book, you'll explore the roots of frustration, conflict and unhappiness in our daily lives and relationships. Its simple, resonant message stresses making peaceful human connections-something that's easier said than done.

The Answer is about learning to behave in a way that helps you feel a sense of significance and peace while establishing more fulfilling relationships. Reading this book will present you with the opportunity to create something different in your life. And it's something you can begin in your very next conversation with someone you really care about ... if you know the answer.

This powerful book is a must-read for anyone who recognizes conflict in his or her life. It's quick, easy-to-digest, yet profound ... and, most of all, it works.

About the author:

Allison Wynn has spent 30 eyars helping people create more peaceful lives.  The two questions she's been asked the most are, "How do I deal with anger either in myself or others?" and, "How do I create a more peaceful life?"  She lives in Mission Viejo, California.


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