Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featured Book: The Light Within Our Shadowed Minds by Bear

The Light Within Our Shadowed MindsThe Light within Our Shadowed Minds celebrates the thoughts, memories and experiences of a simple man who has had to learn how to survive a complex life. As a child, through the window in his room, Bear saw a world of color and life, and the books on his shelf became doorways through which he could go to dream. Then came endless nights filled with shadows. After stumbling through a rebirth, Bear discovered he, too, had something to say. He realized he had come full circle. He could now give – through prose and poems that are doorways to a dream – what he himself had always wanted to receive. May you enjoy the tale of Bear’s journey to find the light.

About the author:

Bear is an ordinary and a simple man who has worked and has strived, sometimes easily, sometimes not. Along the way he discovered he had something to say. One poem led to another. One idea and memory followed another. The Light within Our Shadowed Minds is his fifty-five year long witness of life: weird, sad, happy, but always eye opening. 


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